Taste the Tropics: Corona’s New Tropical Seltzer!

Corona's Tropical Seltzer is a unique, delicious addition to the market. This tropical-flavored seltzer offers a lighter and refreshing alternative to or oter alcoholic beverages. This drink is perfect for those who are looking for a light, refreshing alcoholic with an island twist.

Made from fermented sugar, this drink has 130 calories and 2 to 3 grams of sugar per can (depending on the flavor). It also has 5% by volume (ABV) which is comparable to other popular hard seltzers on the market. No matter what your plans are this spring break, you can now enjoy a huge assortment of flavorful and refreshing new options with Corona's Tropical Seltzer.

One of the great things about hard seltzers is that they're made without beer's main ingredients: barley and . This means that they have fewer calories than traditional beers, but still offer the same level of refreshment and buzz. So if you're looking for something light but still want to get your party on, Corona's Tropical Seltzer might be just what you need!

You can find Corona's Tropical Seltzer in many supermarkets across the country as well as online retailers so get out there and grab yourself some! Whatever your plans are this spring break, you can now enjoy a huge assortment of exciting new flavors with Corona's Tropical Seltzer.

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What Type of Alcohol is Used in Corona Tropical?

Corona Tropical is a alcoholic that contains 4.20% alcohol by volume. It contains real fruit flavours, and is produced in Ontario, Canada. This refreshing RTD (Ready-to-Drink) beverage is made with , making it an easy and convenient option for those looking to enjoy a light and fruity drink.

Number of Flavors of Corona Seltzer

Corona Seltzer is available in a variety pack of four delicious, refreshing flavors: Blackberry Lime, Tropical Lime, Mango, and Cherry. Each can has zero grams of carbs*, zero grams of sugar*, 90 calories, natural flavors, and gluten-free ingredients. So if you're looking for a new way to enjoy Corona's iconic flavor without all the carbs and sugar, then this seltzer variety pack with its four unique flavors is just what you need!

The Fate of Corona Seltzer

Corona Seltzer was recently ordered to stop marketing their drink as the first and only certified organic hard seltzer on the market after an Oregon brewery challenged the claim in court. The company had claimed that their seltzer was made with certified organic ingredients, but the Oregon brewery argued that their own hard seltzer also met those criteria. After considering both companies' claims, a court ruled that Corona's labeling was misleading and ordered them to cease marketing their drink as the first and only certified organic hard seltzer available.


In conclusion, Corona Tropical Seltzer is a refreshing and flavorful alternative to traditional hard seltzers. It is made from fermented sugar and comes in an assortment of exciting new flavors. With only 130 calories and 2-3 grams of sugar per can, it is the perfect drink for those looking for somethig light and refreshing without compromising on flavor. While it should not be expected to get drunk off one can of Truly, it still has a 5% ABV, making it a slightly stronger option than some other hard seltzers. Whether you're looking for a way to cool off during the summer or just want to switch up your seltzer routine, Corona Tropical Seltzer is an excellent choice.

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