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Fat Bottom Co. has become a true gem in the Nashville scene. Founded by Ben Bredesen in 2012, this local brewery has made a name for itself with its unique and flavorful brews.

Located in the former Fluffo Mattress factory at 900 Main St., Fat Bottom Brewing Co. has transformed the space into a vibrant and welcoming taproom. The industrial setting adds to the brewery's charm, creating an atmosphere that is both trendy and nostalgic.

One of Fat Bottom Brewing Co.'s standout beers is the Knockout American . With an ABV of 5.9%, this brew packs a punch of flavor. Originally introduced as a taproom special, it quickly gained popularity and earned a permanent spot in the brewery's lineup.

What sets Knockout apart is its use of Cascade and Pacific Jade . These hops give the a distinct grapefruit aroma, which is both refreshing and invigorating. The combination of hops creates a well-balanced IPA that is sure to please any hop lover.

But Fat Bottom Brewing Co. is more than just great beer. The brewery is led by Chief Executive Officer, Josh Buckley, who has played a crucial role in the company's success. With his leadership, Fat Bottom Brewing Co. has grown into a beloved local brand, known for its quality brews and warm hospitality.

The success of Fat Bottom Brewing Co. is a testament to the thriving craft beer scene in Nashville. The city has become a hub for beer enthusiasts, with a growing number of breweries offering unique and innovative brews. Fat Bottom Brewing Co. stands out among the crowd, delivering exceptional beers that capture the spirit of Nashville.

Whether you're a local or just visiting, a trip to Fat Bottom Brewing Co. is a must for any beer lover. From their flagship Knockout IPA to their rotating seasonal brews, there is always something new and exciting to try. So grab a pint, sit back, and enjoy the flavors of Nashville at Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

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Who Owns Fat Bottom?

As of my knowledge up to September 2021, Fat Bottom Brewing Co. is owned by Ben Bredesen, who founded the brewery in 2012. Ben Bredesen has been the driving force behind the success of Fat Bottom Brewing Co. and has played a significant role in establishing it as a prominent local craft beer brand. The brewery's first location was in the former Fluffo Mattress factory at 900 Main St.

How Much Alcohol Is In Fat Bottom IPA?

Fat Bottom IPA has an content of 5.9% ABV (alcohol by volume). This means that for every 100 milliliters of Fat Bottom IPA, there is 5.9 milliliters of pure alcohol. The ABV is a measure of the alcohol concentration in a and is used to determine the strength or potency of a beer. In comparison to other beers, Fat Bottom IPA falls within the average range of alcohol content for an American IPA.

Who Is The CEO Of Fat Bottom Brewery?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fat Bottom Brewing is Josh Buckley. As the leader of the company, Josh is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the brewery's operations and ensuring its success in the craft beer industry.

With a strong background in entrepreneurship and business management, Josh brings valuable expertise to his role as CEO. He has a proven track record of building and growing successful businesses, and his leadership skills are instrumental in guiding Fat Bottom Brewing towards its goals.

As the CEO, Josh's responsibilities include developing and implementing strategic plans, managing the brewery's finances, overseeing production and distribution processes, and leading a team of talented individuals. He plays a pivotal role in decision-making, ensuring that the brewery maintains its commitment to producing high-quality craft beers while staying competitive in the market.

Josh's passion for craft beer and his dedication to the industry are evident in his role as CEO. He works closely with the team at Fat Bottom Brewing to innovate and create unique beer styles, while also fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

Josh Buckley serves as the CEO of Fat Bottom Brewing and plays a crucial role in driving the brewery's growth and success. With his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to craft beer, he leads the company towards continued excellence in the industry.


Fat Bottom Brewing Company in Nashville has become a prominent and successful craft beer establishment since its founding by Ben Bredesen in 2012. With its first location in the former Fluffo Mattress factory, the brewery has gained recognition for its high-quality and flavorful beers.

One of their notable brews is the Knockout American IPA, which has an ABV of 5.9%. Originally introduced as a taproom special, its popularity led to its permanent inclusion in the brewery's lineup. Made with Cascade and Pacific Jade hops, this beer is characterized by a refreshing grapefruit aroma.

Fat Bottom Brewing Company's success can also be attributed to its Chief Executive Officer, Josh Buckley. With his leadership and expertise, the brewery has grown and established itself as a key player in the Nashville craft beer scene.

Fat Bottom Brewing Company stands out among Nashville's breweries, offering a diverse range of high-quality beers that have gained a loyal following. With its unique flavors and dedication to craft brewing, it continues to be a top choice for beer enthusiasts in the area.

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