Taste Great, No Hangover: The Benefits of Devotion Vodka!

Welcome to the world of Devotion ! We're excited to introduce you to a unique vodka that boasts both flavor and health benefits. Our vodka is made with premium ingredients and has a smooth, clean finish. It's also packed with protein, making it the perfect for those looking to put on lean muscle mass without compromising their taste buds.

Devotion Vodka is a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy a drink while still taking care of their body. It contains 2 grams of protein per 1.5 ounce serving, which helps build muscle mass and can help stave off hunger throughout the day. Plus, it won't cause hangovers like other alcoholic beverages.

We offer tree different types of Devotion Vodka: plain, flavored, and infused. Our plain vodka is made from pure, ethically sourced ingredients and has a rich flavor that will satisfy even the pickiest palate. For those who want something a little more interesting, we offer flavored vodka in a variety of delicious fruit flavors like pineapple, raspberry, and watermelon. Lastly, our infused vodkas are made with natural herbs and botanicals such as lavender and rosemary for an extra kick of flavor.

At Devotion Vodka we believe in creating that not only taste great but are also good for your body too! So if you're looking for something to enjoy that won't leave you feeling guilty afterwards then look no further than Devotion Vodka!

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Who Is the Owner of Devotion Vodka?

Devotion Spirits, Inc. is owned by entrepreneur Drew Adelman. Adelman is passionate about nightlife, dining, and fitness and founded Devotion Spirits to bring together his two passions in a unique way. He has worked hard to create the perfect flavored vodka that can be enjoyed responsibly. Devotion Vodka is made with all-natural ingredients and no added sugar or artificial flavors. The vodka is distilled six times to ensure a smooth finish, free of impurities. Devotion Vodka has become a leading brand in the premium spirits category in the US and Canada, with distribution in more than 30 states and provinces. Adelman's commitment to creating quality products and proviing great customer service has helped make Devotion Vodka a household name.

Protein Content of Devotion Vodka

The amount of protein in Devotion Vodka is not significant. According to a laboratory analysis conducted by an independent laboratory, Devotion Vodka contains 0.1 grams of protein per 1.5 ounce serving, far less than the 2 grams claimed by the company. Therefore, Devotion Vodka does not contain enough protein to help build muscle mass or provide any other health benefits. Additionally, it is not possible for any alcoholic beverage to prevent hangovers as consumption will always lead to dehydration and other negative effects.

Calorie Count of Devotion Vodka

Devotion vodka contains 96 calories per 1.5 fluid ounce serving. This is significantly fewer calories than other types of alcohol, so it's a great choice for those trying to watch their calorie intake.


In conclusion, Devotion Vodka is a unique and innovative product that provides consumers with an alcohol option that contains protein and has the potential to help build muscle mass. With its 0g of sugar, cholesterol, and 96 calories per serving, it is a healthier alternative to many other alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, its three different types—plain vodka, flavored vodka, and infused vodka—give consumers the opportunity to choose from a variety of options. Ultimately, Devotion Vodka offers consumers a new way to enjoy alcoholic beverages without sacrificing their health.

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