Does Creme de Violette have dairy?

Answered by Marvin Richey

Creme de Violette, despite its name, does not actually contain any dairy. The term “creme” in this context refers to the silky mouthfeel of the , rather than any dairy ingredients. It is made by macerating violet petals in neutral and adding sugar, resulting in a fresh and floral nose without being overpowering.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Creme de Violette in various and have always appreciated its unique flavor profile. One particular cocktail that comes to mind is the Aviation, which combines , maraschino liqueur, lemon , and of course, Creme de Violette. The addition of Creme de Violette adds a delicate floral note to the cocktail, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

It is important to note that the production process of Creme de Violette involves macerating violet petals in alcohol, which extracts the aromas and flavors from the petals. No dairy products are used in this process. This makes Creme de Violette suitable for individuals who are lactose intolerant or following a dairy-free diet.

In today's world, where dietary restrictions and preferences are becoming more prevalent, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the ingredients used in various products. Creme de Violette is a great example of a liqueur that can be enjoyed by individuals with dairy restrictions, as it does not contain any dairy ingredients.

To summarize, Creme de Violette does not have any dairy in its composition. The term “creme” refers to its silky mouthfeel, not the presence of dairy. It is a delightful liqueur that adds a fresh and floral element to cocktails without causing any concerns for those avoiding dairy products.