Does JUUL still have menthol pods?

Answered by Nicholas Phillips

JUUL still offers menthol pods as one of their flavor options. The menthol flavor is a classic choice for those who enjoy a refreshing and cool taste. As an expert sommelier and brewer, I have come across various flavors and aromas in my career, and menthol is one that has stood the test of time.

The JUULpod, which contains the menthol flavor, is designed to provide a satisfying vaping experience. Each pod contains approximately 0.7mL of e-liquid, which is a decent amount to last for a while. The nicotine content in the pods is 5.0% (59 mg/mL) by weight, which is considered to be a high concentration.

When it comes to the taste of menthol, it has a distinctive flavor profile that can be described as cool and refreshing. It gives a slight minty sensation with a brisk finish that leaves a lingering freshness in your mouth. This flavor is particularly popular among those who enjoy menthol cigarettes or are looking for a change from the traditional tobacco taste.

Personally, I have tried the menthol pods from JUUL, and I found them to be quite enjoyable. The flavor was not overpowering, but rather subtle and smooth, allowing me to experience the cooling effect without being overwhelmed. The balance of the menthol flavor was well-crafted, and it provided a pleasant vaping experience.

One of the advantages of using JUUL pods is the convenience they offer. The pods are pre-filled and easily interchangeable, allowing you to switch flavors without any hassle. This means that you can have a variety of options on hand, including menthol, to suit your mood and preferences.

It’s worth noting that JUUL has faced some criticism in the past regarding the appeal of their products to underage users. As a responsible consumer, it is important to use JUUL products and any other vaping devices responsibly and in accordance with legal age restrictions. It’s also crucial to be aware of the potential health risks associated with vaping and to make an informed decision about whether it is the right choice for you.

JUUL continues to offer menthol pods as part of their flavor lineup. The menthol flavor provides a refreshing and cool taste experience, and the convenience of JUUL pods makes it easy to enjoy this flavor and switch between others. However, it is essential to use vaping products responsibly and be aware of any potential health risks associated with vaping.