14 Facts About Dual Tap Kegerators

A dual tap kegerator is a dispenser that allows you to pour two different types of beer from the same unit. This is perfect for those who like to have a variety of beers on hand, or for those who like to entertain guests with different tastes. A dual tap kegerator typically has two taps, each connected to a separate keg. This allows you to pour two different types of beer without having to change kegs.

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Can You Fit 2 Kegs In A Kegerator?

A kegerator is a refrigerator that is specifically designed to store and dispense kegs of beer. Most kegerators are large enough to accommodate two full-size kegs, although there are some smaller models that can only hold one keg. In general, two kegs will fit comfortably in a kegerator with enough space left over for the CO2 tank and other necessary accessories.

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Can You Convert A Single Tap Kegerator To A Double Tap?

Yes, you can convert a single tap kegerator to a double tap kegerator. There are several ways to do this, but the quickest and most efficient way is to purchase a conversion kit. A conversion kit will come with everything you need to complete the conversion, including clear instructions.

Is It Cheaper To Have A Kegerator?

When you buy a kegerator for your home, you're not only able to conveniently store large amounts of cold draft beer, but you can also save approximately 40-60% in costs, compared to buying the same volume of beer in cans or bottles.

How Long Does A Tapped Keg Last In A Kegerator?

A tapped keg will last for about 12-24 hours in a kegerator. The oxygen that is used to pump the beer into the keg will cause the beer to go flat and spoil quickly if you do not finish the keg within that time frame.

How Long Does 5lb CO2 Tank Last In Kegerator?

A standard, 5-pound CO2 tank will last from 2-4 half barrel (full-size) kegs, largely depending on if it is kept cold. Since heat causes carbon dioxide to expand, keeping it in hotter temperatures will ultimately limit its usability. However, if kept cold, CO2 should last for up to four half barrel kegs.

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How Many Kegs Will A 5lb CO2 Tank?

A 5-lb CO2 tank will typically last for 6-8 full kegs befre it needs to be refilled.

How Many 16 Ounce Beers Are In A Keg?

A Cornelius keg, also known as a Corny keg, is a type of stainless steel container often used by breweries and home brewers to store and transport carbonated beverages. A full Cornelius keg contains approximately 40 16-ounce pints, or 53 12-ounce cans or bottles.

Should CO2 Be Turned Off On A Kegerator?

Yes, CO2 should be turned off on a kegerator when there is no keg hooked up. This is because the components of a kegerator will not allow CO2 to pass through the coupler when it is not hooked to a keg.

Does A Tapped Keg Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes, a tapped keg needs to be refrigerated. The keg needs to be kept at a temperature between 36 and 38 degrees in order to maintain freshness and flavor. If the keg is not kept cold, the beer can spoil and develop off-flavors.

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How Much Beer Is Wasted In A Keg?

Approximately 20 percent of beer is wasted in a keg. This translates to 26,000 wasted pints per year on a 20-tap bar. At $5 per pint, this amounts to $130,000 in missed revenue annually.

How Long Can You Keep An Untapped Keg Of Beer Unrefrigerated?

Generally, you'll have at leat eight hours to finish the keg before the beer starts to taste stale. If you're lucky, you may get a full day out of it before it goes completely stale. It all depends on the type of beer and how much oxygen was pumped into it.

What PSI Should My Kegerator Be Set At?

This will depend on the beer you are serving but most American breweries recommend a pressure betwen 10-14 PSI.

Can You Tap And Untap A Keg?

Yes, you can tap and untap a keg. To tap a keg, you will need to connect a keg coupler to the keg. To untap a keg, you will need to disconnect the keg coupler from the keg.

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