A Refreshing Taste of Tradition: A Review of Estrella Jalisco Lager Beer

Estrella Jalisco is a premium, 4.5% ABV Mexican pilsner that offers a refreshingly light and crisp flavor with no aftertaste. An imported beer created with more than 100 years of tradition and brewed to create the most appealing blend of aroma and taste, Estrella Jalisco is the oldest beer brand in Spain. The name Estrella, wich means “star” in both Catalan and Spanish, speaks to the universally appreciated character and taste of this .

The pale golden yellow color of Estrella Jalisco is inviting and visually pleasing, while the flavor profile is complex yet balanced. On the nose you get subtle hints of floral and citrus aromas, while on the palate you'll experience a light maltiness along with notes of grassy that leads into a slightly sweet finish with just enough bitterness to keep it interesting.

Estrella Jalisco is an ideal beer for any occasion; its mild maltiness makes it easy to drink for those who don't normally like -tasting beers, while the complexity of its flavor profile will satisfy those who do enjoy them. Whether you're having it at home or out at a bar or restaurant, Estrella Jalisco delivers a smooth drinking experience every time.

If you're looking for an imported premium pilsner beer that has an enjoyable flavor profile without being too overpowering or overly bitter, then Estrella Jalisco is worth trying out. Its clean finish will leave you wanting more and make it one of your go-to beers for social occasions or relaxing evenings at home.

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What Does Estrella Jalisco Beer Taste Like?

Estrella Jalisco is a premium pilsner beer with a pale golden color and a crisp, refreshing flavor. It is brewed using traditional ingredients, such as malted barley, hops, and , that have been carefully selected to create the perfect balance of aroma and taste. The finish is clean and smooth, without any aftertaste. Estrella Jalisco has been brewed for over 100 years with the same traditional methods, making it a favorite among beer aficionados around the world. Enjoy this classic Mexican beer on its own or pair it with spicy foods to bring out the subtle nuances of its flavor.

The Quality of Estrella Beer

Yes, Estrella is a great beer. It has been around since 1876, making it the oldest beer brand in Spain. Its high quality is due to its careful selection of raw materials and its meticulous process. Its universal character and taste make it an ideal for any occasion. The lager is smooth and light, with a subtle balance of hops and aromas for a refreshing flavor. Estrella is definitely worth trying!

Is Estrella Jalisco a Light Beer?

Yes, Estrella Jalisco is a light beer. Its 4.5% ABV makes it one of the lower -by-volume beers on the market, and its pale golden color and crisp flavor make it a refreshingly light beer with no aftertaste. Perfect for those looking for a lighter option than traditional lagers, Estrella Jalisco is an ideal choice for any occasion.

Similar Beers to Estrella

Estrella is a popular Spanish beer with a unique flavor, so there are severl beers that might be similar. One of the closest alternatives is La Virgin, a pale lager produced in Madrid that has a slightly fuller body than Estrella. Another option is Moritz, another pale lager that has a more malty flavor and less carbonation. For a more robust taste, try Ambar or Cruz Campo, both of which have an amber-colored appearance and stronger flavors. Finally, La Pirata Tremenda and Rosita Negra are dark beers with bolder flavors that may also be similar to Estrella. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference when trying to find a beer similar to Estrella!

Is Estrella a Premium Lager?

Yes, Estrella is a premium lager. It is brewed in Barcelona with only the finest Mediterranean ingredients, sourced within a 160km radius of the brewery. This ensures that the quality and taste of our beer remains consistent. The beer is brewed using a traditional method that has been passed down through generations, ensuring that every sip is as good as the last. As a result of this, Estrella Damm has become one of the most renowned premium lagers in the world.


In conclusion, Estrella Jalisco is a premium Mexican pilsner beer that has been brewed with tradition and quality for over a century. It is characterized by its pale golden color, light, crisp flavor without any aftertaste, and 4.5% ABV. Its unique taste and quality makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether enjoyed at a dinner party or just as a refreshing beverage on its own, Estrella Jalisco is sure to please.

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