The Benefits of FermCap S for Brewing Beer

FermCap® S is a valuable tool in the industry, specifically designed to control foam formation during the brewing process. Foam can be a nuisance and can lead to spillage, loss of product, and inefficient brewing operations. By using FermCap S, brewers can effectively manage foam and improve their brewing efficiency.

One of the key components of FermCap S is Dimethylpolysiloxane, a surface-active agent that reduces surface tension. This unique emulsion helps to prevent foam formation by breaking down the bubbles that contribute to foam. By reducing surface tension, FermCap S allows for a smoother brewing process, minimizing the risk of excessive foam.

FermCap S is versatile and can be used both during the boiling stage and fermentation stage of brewing. During boiling, it is recommended to use a few drops per gallon of wort to control foam formation. This ensures that the brewing process is not disrupted by excessive foam, which can lead to boil-overs and potential damage to equipment.

During fermentation, FermCap S can be added at a slightly higher dosage of two drops per gallon. This helps to prevent foaming during the active fermentation stage, where the is converting sugars into and carbon dioxide. By controlling foam, FermCap S allows for a more efficient fermentation process, ensuring that the yeast can do its job without excessive foaming.

It is important to note that FermCap S is completely removed from the after fermentation. The yeast and filtration process effectively remove any traces of FermCap S, ensuring that the final product is free from any unwanted residuals. This makes FermCap S a safe and reliable tool for brewers, as it does not impact the taste or quality of the beer.

FermCap S is typically used at a dose rate of 1-8 ml per hectoliter, depending on the specific wort composition, gravity, and fermentation conditions. Brewers can adjust the dosage accordingly to achieve the desired level of foam control.

FermCap S is a valuable tool for brewers to control foam formation during the brewing process. By reducing surface tension and breaking down bubbles, FermCap S effectively prevents foam and allows for a smoother and more efficient brewing process. Its safe and non-toxic properties make it an ideal choice for brewers looking to improve their brewing operations.

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What Is Fermcap Used For?

FermCap® S is a specialized emulsion that serves a specific purpose in the brewing process. It is primarily used to control foam formation in both the kettle and during fermentation. This is achieved by reducing the surface tension of the liquid, preventing excessive foam from building up.

Here are some key points about FermCap® S and its usage:

1. Surface tension reduction: FermCap® S contains Dimethylpolysiloxane, a highly effective surface active agent. This compound works by lowering the surface tension of the liquid, which in turn reduces the formation of foam.

2. Foam control in the kettle: When brewing beer, the kettle is where the initial boiling of ingredients takes place. This boiling process can generate a significant amount of foam, which can lead to boil-over issues. By adding FermCap® S to the kettle, brewers can effectively control and minimize foam formation.

3. Foam control during fermentation: Foam can also be a concern during the fermentation process. Excessive foam can lead to messy and potentially dangerous situations, as it can overflow from fermentation vessels. FermCap® S can be added to the fermentation vessel to prevent excessive foam formation, ensuring a safe and controlled fermentation process.

4. Safe for consumption: FermCap® S is specifically designed for use in the brewing industry. It is completely safe for consumption and does not impart any flavors, aromas, or other undesirable characteristics to the final beer product.

5. Removal from beer: After fermentation is complete, FermCap® S is removed from the beer through the natural processes of yeast settling and filtration. This ensures that no residual traces of the surface active agent are present in the final product.

FermCap® S is a specialized emulsion used to control foam formation in brewing. It is added to the kettle and during fermentation to reduce surface tension and prevent excessive foam. It is safe for consumption and completely removed from the beer before packaging.

What Is Fermcap Made Of?

Fermcap S is composed of a substance called pimethylpolysiloxane, which is also known as PDMS. PDMS is a type of silica polymer that is insoluble in liquids and does not pose any toxic risks. This particular compound is primarily used to prevent foaming in liquids that are either boiling or undergoing fermentation processes.

The main purpose of Fermcap S is to inhibit the formation of excessive foam during the boiling or fermentation stages of liquid preparation. By adding Fermcap S to the liquid, it effectively reduces the amount of foam that is generated. This is particularly beneficial in brewing processes, where foaming can cause unwanted mess and potential overflow of liquid.

Once the boiling or fermentation process is complete, Fermcap S settles along with the trub and yeast. Trub refers to the solid particles and debris that settle at the bottom of the liquid, while yeast is the microorganism responsible for fermentation. Together, Fermcap S, trub, and yeast form a sediment that can be left behind when the liquid is transferred to another container, a process commonly known as racking.

To summarize, Fermcap S is primarily made up of pimethylpolysiloxane (PDMS), a non-soluble and non-toxic silica polymer. It serves the purpose of preventing excessive foaming during boiling and fermentation, and settles out with trub and yeast after the process is complete.


FermCap® S is a highly effective foam control agent that is widely used in the brewing industry. Its unique composition of Dimethylpolysiloxane, a surface active agent, helps to reduce surface tension and prevent foam formation during both the boiling and fermentation stages of the brewing process.

FermCap S is easy to use, with a recommended dosage of two drops per gallon during fermentation or a few drops per gallon during the boil. It is important to note that FermCap S is completely removed from the beer after fermentation through the settling process with trub and yeast, and subsequent filtration.

One of the key advantages of FermCap S is its non-toxic and non-soluble nature, as it is made of pimethylpolysiloxane – PDMS, a silica polymer. This ensures that it does not have any negative impact on the final product or the brewing process.

The dose rate of FermCap S can vary depending on factors such as wort composition, gravity, and fermentation conditions. Typical dose rates range from 1 to 8ml/hl, with adjustments made based on specific brewing parameters.

FermCap S is a reliable and efficient foam control agent that helps brewers maintain optimal brewing conditions and produce high-quality, foam-free beer. Its ease of use, non-toxic nature, and ability to be removed from the final product make it a popular choice among brewers worldwide.

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