The Great Value Sparkling Wine: Ferrari Brut

Ferrari Brut is an Italian produced using the traditional Metodo Classico method. This method of production involves the secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle, and is commonly associated with -style wines. Ferrari Brut is made in the Communes of Val di Cembra and Valle dei Laghi in Trento, Italy, both of which are located between 1,000 and 2,300 feet above sea level with either south-eastern or south-western exposure.

The wine features aromas of toasted nuts and coconut, and is a very solid value for a sparkling wine made in the Champagne style. It was rated 90/100 by Douglas McMillan who noted that it was a great option for those looking for a blanc de blancs sparkling wine at a price lower than other Champagne equivalents. The 1995 Fratelli Lunelli Ferrari ‘Riserva Lunelli' Metodo Classico Trentodoc from Trentino, Italy can also be found at a slightly higher price point ($1,478).

Ferrari Brut is perfect for celebrating special occasions or just enjoying with friends and family. Its delicate bubbles make it an ideal pairing with appetizers such as cheese plates or light salads. Or try it as an accompaniment to seafood dishes like oysters or shrimp cocktail. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, Ferrari Brut is sure to be a hit!

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Production Location of Ferrari Brut

Ferrari Brut is made in the Val di Cembra and Valle dei Laghi valleys in the province of Trento, Italy. These valleys are located at an altitude between 1000 and 2300 feet abve sea level, with either a south-eastern or south-western exposure. The Ferrari Brut sparkling wine is made using the traditional metodo classico method, which involves a secondary fermentation process taking place in the bottle.

Who Is the Manufacturer of Ferrari Brut?

Ferrari Brut is a classic Italian sparkling wine produced by the renowned Lunelli family. The family has been making wine in the Trentino region of Northern Italy since 1902, and Ferrari Brut is their flagship product. It is made using the Metodo Classico, or Traditional Method, which involves secondary fermentation of stil wines in the bottle to create bubbles. Grapes for Ferrari Brut are sourced from vineyards throughout Trentino and are hand-picked at the perfect ripeness to ensure quality. After careful selection, they are vinified separately and then blended to achieve the desired balance of flavours and aromas. The result is an elegant sparkling wine with aromas of citrus fruits, peach and green apple. On the palate it has a rich texture and good structure, with a fine mousse and a long finish.

The Sweetness of Ferrari Brut

No, Ferrari Brut Rose is not sweet. It has a dry, clean and elegant taste that is balanced by a delicate finish of sweet almonds. However, this sweetness is subtle and not overpowering, making it a perfectly balanced sparkling rose.

The Significance of Ferrari Champagne in Formula 1 Racing

Ferrari Trento has been chosen as the official champagne partner of Formula 1® due to its long and prestigious history, as well as its award-winning range of sparkling wines. The Ferrari name has become synonymous with luxury, quality and excellence, making it the perfect match for Formula 1® which also stands for the same values.

In addition to this, Ferrari Trento has an excellent reputation in producing a range of high quality and exquisite sparkling wines, perfect for celebrating thoe special moments on the podium. The Ferrari Trento Brut is often selected by drivers at their victory celebrations.

Moreover, Ferrari Trento is committed to sustainable practices in their production process and has launched several initiatives to reduce their environmental impact. This commitment is also shared by Formula 1®, making them a natural fit when it coes to choosing an official champagne partner.

Ultimately, both Ferrari Trento and Formula 1® share the same commitment to excellence, making them the perfect partners for each other

Is Ferrari Champagne Owned by Ferrari?

Yes, Ferrari champagne is owned by Ferrari. Ferrari Automotive owns the trademark for the champagne under Class 12, while Ferrari Trento owns the trademark under Class 33. The two companies are connected by the common ownership of the Ferrari name, which is a registered trademark with both companies having exclusive rights to use it in their respective markets. In addition, they share similar logos and labels, suggesting a certain level of deceptive similarity that could confuse consumers when trying to distinguish between products from different owners.


Ferrari Brut is a sparkling wine produced in the Trentino region of Italy using the traditional Metodo Classico method. Its crisp, refreshing taste and relatively affordable price point make it an excellent value for those looking for an excellent alternative to Champagne. The 1995 Fratelli Lunelli Ferrari ‘Riserva Lunelli' Metodo Classico Trentodoc is even more special, offering aromas of toasted nuts and coconut which add complexity and depth to the flavor profile. All in all, Ferrari Brut is a great choice when you're looking for a sparkling wine that won't break the bank but still offers excellent quality.

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