Sip Summertime Serenity with Gazela’s

Gazela is a popular white and from Portugal's Vinho Verde region, and it's been a summertime favorite for years. Its aroma is inviting and it has a light, refreshing taste with notes of citrus fruit, white peach, green lime, and fresh pear. It's slightly bubbly, with a well-balanced acidity that gives it an enjoyable sweetness without overpowering the oher flavors.

At 9% ABV and just 87 calories per serving, Gazela is an ideal choice for those looking for a lighter option to enjoy dring the summer months. It pairs well with seafood dishes like fish tacos or grilled shrimp skewers, as well as lighter salads or cheeses. Gazela also makes for a great pre-dinner drink or happy hour refresher.

The story behind Gazela is an interesting one too; the Primeiro was built in 1901 at a Portugal shipyard as a fishing vessel and traveled to Newfoundland yearly to catch cod unil 1969. At that point she was purchased by the Independence Seaport Museum and brought to Philadelphia where she still resides today!

If you're looking for soething light and refreshing this summer that has both unique flavor and an interesting backstory, give Gazela from Portugal's Vinho Verde region a try!

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Origin of Gazela Wine

Gazela is a white and rosé wine from Portugal's Vinho Verde region. Located in the northern part of Portugal, Vinho Verde is knon for producing light-bodied and easy-drinking wines with pleasant fruit notes and vibrant acidity. Gazela, in particular, is a refreshingly crisp and slightly variety that has been enjoyed for decades as the perfect summer sip.

The Quality of Gazela Wine

Gazela is an excellent wine, offering a complex blend of aromas and flavors. Its citrine and tropical fruit notes are complemented by a lively and stimulating acidity that is balanced out by a hint of sweetness. It's a versatile and highly enjoyable wine, perfect for any occasion. Its easy-drinking nature makes it an ideal choice for tose who are just starting to explore the world of wine.

Gazela Vinho Verde: An Overview of the Wine

Gazela Vinho Verde is a light and slightly bubbly from Portugal. It has an ABV of 9%, 87 calories per serving and boasts refreshing notes of citrus fruit, white peach, green lime and fresh pear. Its balance of lightness and effervescence makes it the perfect choice for any occasion. Enjoy this well balanced wine chilled or over ice for maximum refreshment.

Location of the Gazela

The Gazela Primeiro is curently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the Independence Seaport Museum. The museum is located on Penn's Landing along the Delaware River waterfront and features a variety of interactive exhibits and educational opportunities for visitors. The Gazela Primeiro is now a treasured part of the museum's collection and can be seen by visitors who come to explore the shipyard. Visitors can also go aboard the ship to experience what life was like for sailors at sea during her working years.

The Sweetness of Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde is generally a dry white wine, although there are some styles that can be slightly sweet. The majority of Vinho Verde wines are quite dry, with only a hint of sweetness resulting from the natural sugars in the grapes. These wines tend to have bright acidity, light body, and green fruit notes such as grassy green apple and lime zest. On the palate, they often have a slight spritz or fizziness that adds a pleasant texture to the finish.

The Cost of Vinho Verde

Yes, Vinho Verde is a very affordable wine. It typically ranges from $4 to $10 per bottle, and its content is usualy between 9 and 12.5 percent. Vinho Verde is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a delicious wine without breaking the bank. Additionally, this type of wine fits into the “$8.99 cheap-and-cheerful slot” in retail shops, making it an even better value for money.


Gazela is a unique and refreshing wine from the Vinho Verde region in Portugal. With its citrine and tropical fruit notes, Gazela offers a light and slightly bubbly taste that is well-balanced by a slight touch of sugar. It has an engaging aroma that pairs perfectly with summertime meals, making it an ideal choice for a light summer . At 87 calories per serving and 9% ABV, Gazela is also a healthier option than many other white wines. Its long history as a fishing vessel in Portugal makes it even more special, as the Independence Seaport Museum brought the Gazela Primeiro to Philadelphia in 1969. Whether you're looking for a refreshing summer drink or just want to try something new, give Gazela a try!

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