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has witnessed a remarkable rise in popularity over the past decade, with an increasing number of individuals seeking unique and flavorful brews. One name that has been making waves in the community is Flora Brewing, a contract brewery founded by Sarah Flora, a renowned digital creator in the industry. With her educational homebrewing videos on YouTube amassing over two million views, Sarah Flora has now stepped into the commercial brewing scene through the incubator brewery, Pilot Project, located in Chicago, Illinois.

Flora Brewing takes its inspiration from its namesake, Florence, Sarah Flora's great-aunt, and their Farmstead® wheat . In honor of Florence, the brewery ages its beer in French oak , allowing it to mature in the presence of their resident microflora. This unique brewing process infuses the beer with distinct flavors and characteristics, resulting in a truly exceptional drinking experience.

One interesting fact about Flora Brewing is its efficient use of ingredients. While a bushel of barley typically produces around 300 bottles of beer, in Canada, where adjuncts are commonly used, a bushel of barley can yield more than 450 bottles of beer. This attention to resource optimization not only showcases Flora Brewing's commitment to sustainability but also ensures that more people can enjoy their brews.

But Flora Brewing is not the only player in the craft beer industry with a fascinating story. Trappist Beer, brewed by monks hidden away in monasteries, has a rich history that spans centuries. These sacred and sought-after ales, known as Trappist Beers, are not just beverages but are also part of a spiritual tradition and a form of prayer to God.

The monks who brew Trappist Beer follow ancient recipes and techniques that have been passed down through generations. These beers are often characterized by their deep, rich flavors and distinct profiles, making them highly coveted by beer enthusiasts around the world. The brewing process itself is seen as a spiritual practice, with the monks dedicating time and effort to create exceptional brews that reflect their devotion.

The term “Trappist Beer” refers to beers that are brewed within the walls of Trappist monasteries, under the supervision and control of the monks. The International Trappist Association (ITA) sets strict guidelines and criteria that breweries must meet to be recognized as producing authentic Trappist Beer. These guidelines include factors such as the brewery being located within the monastery walls, the monks playing a significant role in the brewing process, and the profits from beer sales being used for charitable purposes.

The Trappist Beer tradition originated in Belgium, with famous breweries such as Chimay, Westvleteren, and Orval gaining international acclaim for their exceptional brews. However, the tradition has now expanded beyond Belgium, with Trappist breweries in countries like the Netherlands, Austria, and the United States.

Flora Brewing and Trappist Beer represent two distinct and captivating narratives within the craft beer industry. Flora Brewing, led by Sarah Flora, brings a fresh perspective and innovative approach to brewing, while Trappist Beer showcases the timeless tradition and spiritual connection that exists within the monk-brewed ales. Whether you're sipping on a Flora Brewing creation or indulging in the divine flavors of a Trappist Beer, you're sure to experience the artistry and passion that goes into each glass.

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Who Is Flora Brewing?

Flora Brewing is a contract brewery founded by Sarah Flora, a prominent figure in the brewing industry known for her educational homebrewing videos on YouTube. With over two million views, Sarah Flora has established herself as one of the top female digital creators in brewing. Flora Brewing will be making its commercial debut through the Pilot Project, an incubator brewery located in Chicago, Illinois.


Flora Brewing is an exciting addition to the craft beer scene, led by the talented Sarah Flora. As a contract brewery, Flora Brewing brings a unique perspective to the industry, drawing on Sarah's expertise as a digital creator and her passion for homebrewing. With her educational YouTube videos, Sarah has already established herself as a respected figure in the brewing community, and now she is ready to make her commercial debut.

Partnering with the renowned incubator brewery, Pilot Project, in Chicago, Illinois, Flora Brewing is set to make a splash with its wine barrel-aged version of Florence, a Farmstead® wheat ale. The use of French oak wine barrels and the presence of resident microflora during the maturation process adds a distinct character to the beer, ensuring a truly unique and flavorful experience for beer enthusiasts.

It is worth noting that Flora Brewing's commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in their use of barley. While the average bushel of barley typically produces about 300 bottles of beer, Flora Brewing goes the extra mile in Canada, where they use adjuncts to produce more than 450 bottles per bushel. This attention to detail and efficiency showcases their dedication to delivering exceptional brews while minimizing waste.

Flora Brewing's debut also brings attention to the rich tradition of Trappist Beer. With its roots in monasteries and a sacred spiritual tradition, Trappist Beer holds a special place in the hearts of beer connoisseurs. The deep, rich flavors and meticulous brewing process make these ales highly sought after. By mentioning Trappist Beer in relation to Flora Brewing, it adds a layer of prestige and reverence to their offerings, further piquing the interest of beer enthusiasts.

Flora Brewing is poised to make a mark in the craft beer industry with its innovative approach, commitment to quality, and homage to tradition. With Sarah Flora at the helm, this contract brewery has the potential to become a powerhouse in the brewing world, appealing to both seasoned beer aficionados and newcomers alike. Keep an eye out for Flora Brewing as they embark on this exciting new chapter in their brewing journey.

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