Get Drunk Cheap: The Low Alcohol Content of Franzia White Zinfandel

Franzia White Zinfandel is a popular and affordable that can be found in many grocery stores and liquor stores. This light-bodied, sweet is perfect for those looking to enjoy a glass of vino without the high content of oher wines.

With an alcohol content of only 10.0% by volume, Franzia White Zinfandel offers just the right amount of kick while still remaining light and refreshing. It has a pleasant fruity flavor with aromas of apple, peach and apricot that make it great for sipping on its own or enjoying with food. Since the alcohol content is lower than most wines, this white zinfandel won't give you a hangover like other higher-alcohol varieties can.

Franzia's White Zinfandel is produced using specially chosen grapes from Napa Valley, California. To achieve its signature flavor, only the ripest grapes are picked early on in the season. This process gives the wine its slightly acidic profile which pairs nicely with light dishes such as salads and fish. It also helps to keep the sugar levels low so you can enjoy this drink without having to worry about overindulging in calories or sugar intake!

If you're looking for an affordable but enjoyable bottle of wine, Franzia's White Zinfandel is definitely worth trying out! It's perfect for those who want to enjoy a glass of vino without having to worry about getting too drunk too fast. The lower alcohol content makes it easy to sip on all night long, while still providing enough flavor to please your taste buds! Give it a try today – you won't be disappointed!

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Alcohol Content of White Zinfandel Wine

White Zinfandel is a popular American wine that typically contains 10.0% alcohol by volume. It is produced in Napa Valley, California and is renowned for its sweet and light flavor profile. This makes it a great choice for those looking to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine without the high alcohol content of traditional red wines. When consumed responsibly, White Zinfandel can be a delightful and enjoyable addition to any meal or gathering.

Does White Zinfandel Have a High Alcohol Content?

No, White Zinfandel typically has a lower alcohol content, usually 12.5% or less. This is because the grapes used to make White Zinfandel are picked early in the ripening process, which gives them their characteristic tartness and acidic profile. This results in less sugar content, and thus a lower alcohol content than other wines made from fully ripe grapes.

Does Franzia Wine Cause Intoxication?

Yes, Franzia wine can get you drunk. Its alcohol content is typically around 10-12% ABV (alcohol by volume), which is higher than that of most table wines. When consumed in moderate amounts, Franzia can provide a pleasant buzz. However, it's important to keep in mind that consuming larger amounts of Franzia can cause intoxication and should be avoided. As with any alcoholic , it's important to drink responsibly and never drive after consuming any amount of alcohol.

Is Franzia Wine?

Yes, Franzia is actually wine. It is produced by The Wine Group and has been around for over a century. The brand offers a variety of wines, ranging from light and fruity whites to full-bodied reds. All of the wines are made with carefully selected grapes, harvested at their prime and crafted with precision to produce an enjoyable drinking experience. Franzia is sold in 3-liter or 5-liter cartons, making it an economical choice for those looking to enjoy a quality bottle of wine without breaking the bank.

How Many Glasses of Wine Are in a Bottle of Franzia?

A Franzia 1.5-liter box contains 10 standard pours, which is equivalent to about 10 of wine. A Franzia 3-liter box contains 20 standard pours, which is equivalent to about 20 glasses of wine. Lastly, a Franzia 5-liter box contains 34 standard pours, which is equivalent to just under seven standard bottles of wine or about 34 glasses of wine.


Franzia White Zinfandel is a popular and accessible white zinfandel wine from California. It has an alcohol content of 9.0% by volume, making it one of the lower alcohol content wines available. The grapes used to make this wine are picked early, giving it its acidic profile and a light, sweet flavor. Franzia White Zinfandel is a great choice for those looking for an affordable and tasty beverage with a lower alcohol content.

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