Taste the Light and Refreshing Flavor of Garage Beer

Introducing Garage , a classic light beer that takes you back to the very essence of what beer should be. Crafted in small batches, this beer is a testament to quality and taste, reminiscent of the first time you ever experienced the joy of beer. Braxton Co., a renowned Northern Kentucky brewery, has spun off Garage Beer into its own company, aiming to captivate beer lovers across the nation with its exceptional brew.

One of the striking features of Garage Beer is its earthy hop aroma, which tantalizes the senses with hints of onion, pine, and a bread-like undertone. The aroma alone sets the stage for a truly enjoyable drinking experience. As you take your first sip, you'll notice a distinct mineral edge that brings out the grainy malt flavor, providing a unique depth to the beer. However, it's worth mentioning that oxidation may slightly diminish the impact of these flavors.

To balance out the bitterness, Garage Beer incorporates a subtle hint of corn-like sweetness, creating a harmonious and crisp taste. This delicate balance ensures that each sip is refreshing and satisfying. With only 95 calories and 3g of carbs per serving, this light beer is perfect for those who want to indulge without compromising on their health-conscious choices. At 4% ABV, Garage Beer strikes a wonderful balance between a sessionable beer and one that still offers a satisfying kick.

What sets Garage Beer apart is its commitment to using the highest quality ingredients. Each batch is carefully brewed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every bottle delivers the same exceptional taste. The result is a beer that captures the essence of what beer used to be, before the revolution took hold.

Garage Beer holds a special place in the hearts of beer enthusiasts, not only for its outstanding taste but also for its nostalgic appeal. It harkens back to a time when beer was simple, yet crafted with passion and dedication. It's a beer that you'll want to savor and share with friends, evoking a sense of camaraderie and good times.

While Garage Beer has gained popularity locally in Northern Kentucky, it now aims to expand its reach nationwide. With its classic taste and commitment to quality, there's no doubt that this small-batch brewed beer has the potential to win over beer lovers across the country.

So, keep an eye out for Garage Beer in the outreached hand of a generous friend or at your local beer store. It's a beer that brings back the essence of what beer should be – light, refreshing, and made with the highest quality ingredients. Cheers to keeping it light and enjoying the simple pleasure of a well-crafted brew!

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What Is A Garage Beer?

A garage beer is a type of light beer that is brewed in small batches. It is designed to have a familiar taste, reminiscent of the first time you tasted beer. The brewing process for garage beer focuses on quality, as it is made in limited quantities. This type of beer is often seen as a nostalgic reminder of what beer used to taste like. Garage beers are not widely available and are often shared among friends as a special treat. The name “garage beer” suggests a sense of craftsmanship and authenticity, as if it were brewed in someone's garage. However, it is important to note that this term is not a specific style of beer, but rather a concept that emphasizes the small-scale production and traditional taste of the .

Where Is Garage Beer Made?

Garage Beer is made in Barcelona, Spain. The brewery, which was founded in 2015, is located in the neighborhood of Poblenou. It is known for its innovative and experimental approach to brewing, with a focus on producing high-quality craft beers. Garage Beer has gained recognition both locally and internationally for its unique flavors and styles.

What Does Garage Beer Taste Like?

Garage beer typically has an earthy hop aroma, which means it may have a scent reminiscent of the outdoors, with hints of onion, pine, and bread-like malt. The flavor profile of garage beer tends to have a mineral edge, which brings out some grainy malt flavors. However, it's worth noting that oxidation can sometimes mute the overall impact of the taste. In terms of sweetness, garage beer may have a subtle hint of corn-like sweetness, which helps to balance out the bitterness. garage beer is often described as balanced and crisp, providing a refreshing drinking experience.

How Many Carbs Are In Garage Beer?

Garage Beer contains only 3 grams of carbohydrates. This low-carb content makes it a suitable choice for those who are conscious of their carbohydrate intake. By keeping the carbohydrate content low, Garage Beer aims to provide a light and refreshing beverage option while still delivering on taste and quality. With just 3 grams of carbs, Garage Beer offers a balanced choice for individuals looking to indulge in a flavorful beer without consuming excessive carbohydrates.


Garage Beer is a classic light beer that captures the essence of what beer tasted like when you first experienced it. This small-batch brewed beer is a testament to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that every sip is a familiar and satisfying one. With its earthy hop aroma, hints of onion, pine, and bread-like malt, Garage Beer offers a sensory experience that is both enticing and comforting.

The flavor profile of Garage Beer is well-balanced, with a mineral edge that brings out the grainy malt character. While oxidation may slightly dampen the impact, it does not detract from the overall enjoyment. The addition of a subtle corn-like sweetness helps to temper the bitterness, resulting in a crisp and refreshing drinking experience.

One of the standout features of Garage Beer is its commitment to using the highest quality ingredients. This dedication to quality ensures that each can or bottle delivers a consistent and satisfying taste. With only 95 calories, 3g of carbs, and a 4% ABV, Garage Beer offers a light and guilt-free option for those looking to enjoy a refreshing beverage without sacrificing flavor.

Bringing together the nostalgia of the past with the craftsmanship of the present, Garage Beer is a worthy addition to any beer lover's collection. Whether enjoyed on a warm summer day or shared with friends, this beer is a reminder of the simple pleasures and the joy of a well-crafted brew. So, raise a glass of Garage Beer, keep it light, and cheers to the timeless appeal of a classic light beer.

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