Sipping Sean Minor’s Refreshing Chardonnay

Sean Minor Chardonnay is a classic example of the type of crafted in the heart of America's Midwest. A product of the hardworking values instilled in Sean Minor by his family, this Chardonnay is crafted with care and attention to detail.

The grapes for Sean Minor Chardonnay come from the best vineyards acros California and Oregon. The team at Sean Minor Wines carefully selects each lot for optimal flavor and character to create a balanced, approachable wine. Once harvested, the grapes are cold-pressed and fermented in stainless steel tanks and oak . This combination of techniques ensures maximum flavor retention while allowing the inherent characteristics of each vintage to shine through.

On the nose, Sean Minor Chardonnay presents aromas of lemon, apple, and pear with subtle notes of oak and baking spices. On the palate, flavors of tropical fruit, citrus zest, and honeydew melon mingle with hints of vanilla and toasted almond beore leading into a long finish. This well-balanced Chardonnay offers bright acidity that keeps it refreshing without being overly sweet or overpowering.

Sean Minor Chardonnay pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes ranging from poultry to seafood to creamy pastas. It also stands up nicely on its own as an ideal companion for leisurely evenings or outdoor gatherings with friends. Whether enjoyed on its own or part of your favorite meal, Sean Minor Chardonnay is sure to make any occasion special!

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Who Is the Owner of Sean Minor Wines?

Sean Minor is the proud owner of Sean Minor Wines, a California-based boutique winery. Founded in 2003, the winery specializes in producing handcrafted wines from premium vineyards across California. With the help of top-notch winemaking talent and access to some of the most renowned vineyards in the region, Sean has created a portfolio of award-winning wines that have earned him a reputation as one of California's most talented and respected vintners. In addition to his own portfolio, Sean also produces sveral brands for other wineries and distributes his wines throughout the United States.

Location of Sean Minor Winery

Sean Minor Winery is located in the heart of California's Napa Valley. The winery lies within Four Bears Vineyard, a breathtakingly beautiful property whch spans over 200 acres and is surrounded by rolling hills, a lake and majestic oak trees. With vineyards planted in some of the most sought-after sites in the area, Sean Minor Wines produces some of the finest wines from the esteemed Napa Valley appellation. The winery itself is housed in a facility that features state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Visitors can tour the winery and enjoy a tasting experience with one of their knowledgeable staff members or sample their delicious wines in their cozy tasting room.


Sean Minor Chardonnay is the perfect expression of Sean Minor's decades of hard work in the winemaking industry. Crafted with care and dedication, this Chardonnay offers a full-bodied yet balanced flavor profile with notes of stone fruit, citrus, and vanilla. The complexity of flavors is sure to satisfy any palate and make for a perfect pairing with dinner or a night out with friends. Sean Minor Chardonnay is truy a testament to his commitment to quality and excellence.

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