The Rich Flavors of Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon

Garrison Brothers Small Batch is a small batch that hails from the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The family owned business, located in Hye, Texas, has been producing this highly acclaimed bourbon whiskey since 2006 and has since sold thousands of cases.

What makes Garrison Brothers Small Batch unique is the hot Texas climate, which causes the bourbon to really soak up flavors from the wood. This wheated bourbon is a great exmple of how a small operation can make something big in flavor. All Garrison Brothers today is straight bourbon whiskey, aged a minimum of two years and soon all bottles will be three years old.

Garrison Brothers Small Batch has an unmistakable flavor with hints of sweet but not sugary and smoky notes with wonderful after tastes. It's smooth yet full-bodied flavor makes it an excellent choice for sipping neat or on the rocks.

If you're looking for an exceptional craft whiskey experience, look no further than Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey! From its unique flavor to its Texas roots, this bourbon will satisfy even the pickiest connoisseur!

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Is Investing in Garrison Brothers Worth It?

Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey is an excellent choice for any whiskey connoisseur. It offers a unique flavor profile that combines a subtle sweetness with a smoky finish. The flavor is well-balanced and smooth, making it enjoyable to sip on its own or in mixed drinks. Its high quality makes it worth the price tag as it provides an unforgettable drinking experience. With its complex taste and smooth mouthfeel, Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey is an excellent choice for any occasion.

Origin of Garrison Brothers Distillery

Garrison Brothers is a distillery located in Hye, Texas, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. A family-owned business founded by Dan Garrison and his friends, it has been producing top-quality bourbon whiskey since 2006. The distillery is housed on the Garrison family's ranch in Hye and uses locally sourced ingredients to create its award-winning . The whiskey is aged for a minimum of four years in white oak sourced from local cooperages. With their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Garrison Brothers has become one of the most renowned distilleries in the United States.

Is Garrison Brothers a Wheated Bourbon?

Garrison Brothers is a wheated bourbon. This craft whiskey is made using 60% corn, 36% wheat, and 4% malted barley. The high percentage of wheat used in the mashbill gives the whiskey an intense sweetness and smooth texture. In addition, the hot Texas climate helps to draw out more flavors from the wood which make it unique from other bourbons. As a result, Garrison Brothers Small Batch is a highly sought after craft whiskey that has won numerous awards for its flavor and quality.

Aging Process of Garrison Brothers Whiskey

Garrison Brothers is aged for a minimum of two years, with the soon-to-be standard aging time being three years. All Garrison Brothers whiskeys are aged in charred, new American oak barrels, which impart the whiskey's rich color and distinct flavor. The whiskey is stored in an environmentally controlled warehouse in Blanco, Texas, where it naturally absorbs the flavors of the Texas Hill Country terroir. During the aging process, each barrel is tasted regularly to ensure quality and consistency throughout each batch.


Garrison Brothers Small Batch is a shining example of how a small operation can make something big in flavor. With an average rating of 7.8/10, it is clear that this craft wheated bourbon is a standout amongst other whiskeys. As it is aged in the hot Texas climate for at least two years, Garrison Brothers Small Batch takes on smoky and sweet notes, with wonderful aftertastes. This whiskey is absolutely worth trying for anyone looking for an exciting new bourbon experience.

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