Cheers to Happy Dad: NJ’s Newest Hard Seltzer!

Introducing Happy Dad , the newest addition to New Jersey's ever-growing line of craft alcoholic beverages! This exciting new drink is perfect for those who want a refreshing and tasty alcoholic , but don't want all the added sugar and calories that come with traditional .

Happy Dad Hard Seltzer was created by Shots Podcast Network President John Shahidi and is now available in select stores across New Jersey. It comes in four delicious flavors – Black Cherry, Mango, Lemon Lime, and Strawberry – offering something for everyone. Each flavor has no added sugar, only 80 calories per can, and 5% ABV. Plus, they are 100% gluten free so even those on a gluten free diet can enjoy them!

The company operates out of Orange County California and is committed to providing a quality product that will stand out from the competition. They use only natural ingredients to ensure the drinks taste great without any artificial additives or preservatives. The cans themselves are also recyclable so you can do your part for the environment without sacrificing taste or quality.

Happy Dad Hard Seltzer is crrently available in select locations across New Jersey such as BevMo!, Mission Liquor, Keg N Bottle locations and through the Gopuff delivery app. So if you're looking for an easy way to cool off during these hot summer days while still enjoying an adult beverage then look no further than Happy Dad Hard Seltzer!

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Is Happy Dad in New Jersey?

Yes! Happy Dad Banana is now available in New Jersey! You can find it in select stores across the state. Be sure to check your local retailer for availability. Enjoy the sweet, creamy taste of Happy Dad Banana today!

Availability of Happy Dad Products in the United States

Happy Dad is currently sold in California and Nevada. You can find Happy Dad products at BevMo!, Mission Liquor, Keg N Bottle locations, and through the Gopuff delivery app. California and Nevada residents can enjoy the refreshing taste of Happy Dad while supporting a local, family-owned business.

Who Owns Happy Dad?

Happy Dad Hard Seltzer is owned by John Shahidi and his brother Sam Shahidi. The Shahidi brothers are both entrepreneurs and have been involved in the tech industry for many years. They founded Shots Studios, a digital entertainment company that produces content for some of the biggest names in music, sports, and entertainment. In 2020, they launched Happy Dad Hard Seltzer to provide adults with an alternative to beer and . The brand is now available in multiple states across the US, including California, Florida, Texas, New York, and Colorado.

The Taste of Happy Dads

Happy dads taste like the perfect balance of sweetness and refreshment! Our four delicious flavors are sure to bring a smile to any dad's face. Wild Cherry has sweet, tart notes with a hint of almond and a smooth finish. Pineapple is light and refreshing, with juicy pineapple flavor that's sure to tantalize the taste buds. Watermelon is bright and fruity, with a crisp mouthfeel that's sure to please. Lemon Lime is tart and tangy, with a slightly sweet finish that will make dad smile. All four flavors are gluten-free, low in sugar (just 1 gram per bottle) and only 100 calories—so they won't add extra inches to dad's waistline either! So when you're looking for soething special for Dad this Father's Day, give him the gift of great taste with Happy Dads—the perfect way to show your appreciation!


Happy Dad Hard Seltzer has made its way to New Jersey, offering their unique line of hard seltzers to the residents of the state. With a slew of delicious flavors and a mission to overcome any stigma associated with hard seltzers, Happy Dad has quickly become an essential part of many New Jersey households. From BevMo! and Mission Liquor locations to Gopuff delivery services, it's easier than ever for people in New Jersey to get their hands on Happy Dad Hard Seltzer and enjoy it whenever they want.

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