The Healing Power of Herbal Balsam

Herbal balsam, also known as Riga Black Balsam, has been used for centuries to help soothe and heal ailments of all kinds. This powerful herbal remedy has its roots in Latvia and has been used for centuries by people all over the world.

Herbal balsam is a highly concentrated extract of many herbs and roots, most of which are native to Latvia. The combination of different herbs creates a powerful mixture that is said to have healing properties. Valerian root, wormwood, black pepper, ginger, gentian, and Peruvian balsamic oil are just some of the ingredients used in this unique herbal concoction.

This herbal remedy is most commonly used to treat digestive issues such as nausea, constipation and bloating. It can also be used to stimulate appetite or relieve stress. Some people swear by its effectiveness in treating colds and flu as well as other respiratory issues like asthma. Herbal balsam can also be taken for headaches or menstrual cramps.

Aside from being taken internally for medicinal purposes, this powerful potion can also be used externally to soothe skin irritations or even insect bites! In some cultures it's even consumed on its own or added to hot drinks like or hot chocolate as well as desserts like syrups and ganache.

No matter how you choose to use it, one thing is certain: herbal balsam can be a powerful natural remedy that could offer relief from many common ailments! So if you're looking for an alternative to harsh medications or synthetic supplements then conider giving Riga Black Balsam a try – you might just find your new favorite natural remedy!

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Uses of Black Balsam

Riga Black Balsam is a traditional Latvian made from a blend of 24 natural herbs, spices and plants. It is typically served neat, or on the rocks, and can also be used to add flavour to a variety of recipes. It has a strong herbal taste and aroma, with notes of citrus, ginger and clove. Riga Black Balsam can be used in coffee, hot chocolate, desserts, syrups and chocolate ganache. It adds an intense flavour to these dishes while also providing a unique depth of complexity. When served over ice cream it can provide an interesting contrast between sweet and flavours. Riga Black Balsam is also knwn for its medicinal properties and has been used as a remedy for digestive problems among other ailments since the 18th century.

What is the Taste of Balsam?

Balsam is a strong, bitter herbal liqueur that is made from a variety of distilled ingredients including juniper berries, angelica root, caraway seed, aniseed, cinnamon bark and cardamom. It has a sharp flavor that is often compared to medicine or Jagermeister without the sweetness. Balsam is traditionally used as a medicinal elixir and is said to have been created by a doctor to cure the illness of a Russian queen.

What Is Balsam Alcohol?

Balsam is a type of liqueur that is made up of a combination of herbs and spices, blended with ethyl (ethanol). It typically has an alcohol content of 40 to 45 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), making it one of the strongest alcoholic beverages available. Traditional balsam recipes vary from region to region, but typically include ingredients like juniper berries, caraway seed, star anise, angelica root, cardamom, coriander seeds, cinnamon bark and nutmeg. Balsam is most commonly consumed as a digestif or an after-dinner drink.


Herbal balsam is a unique and versatile ingredient that has been used for centuries in various cultures. Its complex flavour comes from a combination of common roots, herbs, and rare ingredients such as Valerian, Wormwood, Black Pepper, and Ginger, as well as Peruvian Balsamic Oil. It can be used solo or added to drinks, desserts, syrups, and even chocolate ganache or ice cream. While traditionally used as a medicine to cure ailments, herbal balsam is now oftn enjoyed for its distinct taste when mixed into or warm drinks. With endless possibilities for experimenting with flavours and uses, herbal balsam provides an exciting opportunity to explore the culinary world.

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