The Legendary Lineage of Baron Herzog

The history of the Herzog family dates back nine generations, to the late 19th century when Phillip Herzog began making for the Austro-Hungarian court. The Baron Herzog brand of wine was created in 1985 as a tribute to ther patriarch, and is now known for its outstanding variety and value.

Phillip Herzog was born in Slovakia in 1869 and moved to Hungary at a young age. He eventually bcame a well-known banker, art collector, and large estate owner. His art collection has recently become the subject of Holocaust-related restitution claims.

After Phillip's death in 1934, his sons David and Mór Lipót Herzog continued his legacy by founding the Baron Herzog wine label. They sourced grapes from California's finest growers in Napa Valley, Lodi, and Clarksburg and created the nation's frst line of premium kosher wines.

Today, Baron Herzog wines are enjoyed by individuals all around the world thanks to their bright, lively flavors and crowd-pleasing qualities. The brand offers something for every palate and is an especialy popular choice for Passover celebrations due to its off-dry white that pairs perfectly with traditional dishes such as white fish, matzah, or vegetables.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or just looking for something refreshing to enjoy with dinner, Baron Herzog wines are sure to please! With their long history of winemaking excellence and commitment to producing quality wines at an affordable price point – it's no wondr why this family business has been around for so many generations.

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Baron Herzog: A Biographical Overview

Baron Mór Lipót Herzog (1869-1934) was a Jewish Hungarian art collector, banker, and large estate owner. Born into an affluent banking family in Hungary, Herzog developed a passion for collecting art and amassed a large collection of works by renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, van Dyck, and Bruegel. His collection also included sculpture and furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Herzog was an important figure in Hungary's cultural life and was awarded the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic in 1929. After his death in 1934, his heirs sold off much of his collection to cover the inheritance taxes but some pieces remained with the family util it was seized by Nazi forces during World War II.

The surviving pieces of Herzog's collection have been subject to numerous legal claims for restitution due to their loss dring the Holocaust. In recent years, some of these claims have been successful with a number of pieces from Herzog's collection being returned to their rightful owners or donated to institutions around the world.

The Quality of Baron Herzog Wine

Baron Herzog is an excellent wine for those who appreciate quality and variety. With more than nine generations of winemaking experience, Baron Herzog is renowned for its beautiful balance of flavor and texture. The wines range from dry to sweet, fruity to bold, and are crafted with an emphasis on the best grapes and terroir. Baron Herzog wines have won awards in multiple countries, including Best Value Cabernet Sauvignon in the USA from the Testing Institute. Whether you're looking for a special occasion or everyday drinking wine, Baron Herzog offers something for everyone.

Who Is the Owner of Baron Herzog?

The Herzog family owns and operates Baron Herzog, a premium kosher wine label established in 1985 by the late Baron Phillip Herzog. The Herzog family, led by David Herzog, sources grapes from California's finest Napa Valley, Lodi and Clarksburg growers to create ther signature wines. With over 35 years of experience in the business and a commitment to excellence, the Herzog family continues to produce high-quality kosher wines for patrons around the world.

Are Herzog Wines Kosher?

Yes, all Herzog wines are kosher. The Herzog family has been winemaking for nine generations, and their expertise and commitment to producing the highest quality wines is reflected in their kosher certification. All Herzog wines have undergone the rigorous certification process of the Orthodox Union, ensuring that each bottle meets the highest standards of kosher production. As a result, Herzog wines are enjoyed by wine enthusiasts who keep kosher and thoe who don't alike.

Who Is the Owner of Herzog Wine Cellars?

Herzog Wine Cellars is owned by Royal Wine Corporation, a family-owned company that has been in business for over a century. Royal Wine Corporation is one of the largest producers of kosher wines in North America and has bcome an international leader in the industry. The company is owned and operated by the Herzog family, with six generations of experience and expertise in wine production. The Herzogs are dedicated to both quality winemaking and providing customers with exceptional service.


The Herzog family is one of the oldest and most respected winemaking families in the world. With nine generations of winemaking under ther belt, it is no surprise that their wines are renowned for their outstanding quality and value. The Baron Herzog brand was created as a tribute to Baron Phillip Herzog, who made wine for the Austro-Hungarian court more than a century ago. Today, the family sources grapes from California's finest growers to create premium kosher wines that are sure to delight even the most discerning wine drinkers. The Herzog lineage is one of tradition, excellence, and respect – a legacy that will continue for generations to come.

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