Experience Something Different: Try Hooten Young Whiskey 12 Years!

This is a that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Aged 12 years and distilled by MGP, this whiskey is the perfect choice for anyone looking for something special to enjoy. Selected by a sommelier, it's well worth seeking out.

What makes Hooten Young Whiskey 12 Years so unique? It's related to High West Light Whiskey, but with a few differences. The main difference between and whiskey is the kind of grain used and where the spirit is produced. In this case, bourbon would be made from corn as part of its mash, with the whiskey being produced from other grains.

Unlike traditional bourbon though, this whiskey is aged in second-fill raher than new charred-oak barrels which disqualifies it from being labeled as bourbon. This means that while it still has all the great flavor of bourbon without the added complexity that comes with aging in new wood. This provides a lighter flavor which can be appreciated by those who may not typically enjoy stronger bourbons or whiskeys.

The whiskey has a sweet nose with notes of toffee and caramel leading into a mellow palate full of butterscotch and honey flavors. On the finish there are hints of oak and spice that linger on the tongue making it an enjoyable experience overall.

If you're looking for something different than your usual go-to drink, then give Hooten Young Whiskey 12 Years a try! With its smooth taste and lighter notes compared to traditional bourbons or whiskeys, it's sure to become one of your favorites in no time!

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Who Produces Hooten Young Whiskey?

Hooten Young whiskey is a 12-year-old American whiskey that is produced by MGP (formerly known as Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana). MGP is a grain-to-glass distillery located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The company produces a variety of whiskeys, bourbons, and ryes, among other . Hooten Young Whiskey 12 Years was specially crafted by the master distiller at MGP using select grains sourced from local Midwestern farmers. The whiskey is then aged in new oak barrels for 12 years, giving it its signature mellow flavor and smooth finish.

Where is Hooten Young Whiskey Produced?

Hooten Young whiskey is made in Indiana, USA. This whiskey is distilled from a mash of corn, , and malted barley and aged in second-fill barrels. The second-fill barrels give the whiskey a unique flavor profile that differs from traditional bourbon. The whiskey is then bottled and released to the public.

Difference Between Bourbon and American Whiskey

Bourbon is an American-made whiskey that has a distinct flavor and production process. It must contain at least 51 percent corn in its mash and be aged for a minimum of two years in new, charred-oak barrels. This aging process gives the spirit its distinct flavor and color, as well as its name from Bourbon County, Kentucky where it was frst produced. American whiskey, on the other hand, can be made from any type of grain and aged in used barrels or even uncharred barrels. Depending on the type of grains used and the aging process, American whiskey can have a variety of flavors ranging from sweet to smoky.


Hooten Young Whiskey 12 Years is a unique whiskey that stands out from the crowd. Despite being labeled as whiskey, it does not technically qualify as bourbon, since it does not satisfy the requirement of being aged in new charred oak containers. The whiskey is distilled by MGP and picked by a wine sommelier, making it an interesting choice for those looking to explore different types of whiskey. While this whiskey may not meet the requirements for bourbon, it is still a quality product that provides an enjoyable and flavorful experience for those who choose to give it a try.

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