How do you drink Massaya arak?

Answered by Christopher Steppe

When it comes to enjoying Massaya arak, the process is quite unique and different from traditional ways of drinking arak. The Massaya way emphasizes the use of ice instead of , resulting in a refreshing and smooth experience.

To begin, you'll need a clean long drinking glass. Pour about two fingers worth of Massaya arak into the glass. Unlike other methods, there is no need to dilute the arak with water. The ice will play a crucial role in bringing out the flavors and enhancing the overall taste.

Next, fill the glass with ice. The ice will not only chill the arak but also dilute it gradually as it melts, creating a balanced and enjoyable drink. Give the glass a gentle shake to mix the arak and ice slightly.

Now, top the glass again with more ice. This step ensures that you have enough ice to maintain the desired temperature and level of dilution as you savor your arak.

When it's time to take your first sip, start with a small one. The initial taste will give you a sense of the arak's character, and as the ice melts, the flavors will evolve and become even more pronounced. The coldness of the drink will add to the refreshing nature of the experience.

As you continue to enjoy your arak, you'll notice how the ice gradually melts, subtly changing the balance of flavors. This slow dilution allows you to appreciate the complexity of Massaya arak in a way that is both refreshing and smooth.

I personally find this method of drinking Massaya arak to be incredibly enjoyable. The use of ice instead of water brings out the best qualities of the arak, creating a drink that is not only tasty but also refreshing on a hot day or during a casual gathering with friends.

In summary, to drink Massaya arak, pour two fingers of arak into a clean long drinking glass. Fill the glass with ice and give it a gentle shake. Top it again with more ice and start with a small sip. As the ice melts, the arak becomes more refreshing, tasty, and smooth. Embrace the unique Massaya way and savor the flavors of this exceptional Lebanese spirit.