How do you drink Seedlip Garden 108?

Answered by Michael Blake

To enjoy Seedlip Garden 108, a delightful drink, there are a few simple steps to follow. First, gather the necessary ingredients: Seedlip Garden 108, ice, tonic , and a garnish such as a Sugar Snap Pea or Mint sprig.

Next, take a glass and fill it with ice. The use of ice will help to chill the drink and keep it refreshing. I find that a highball glass or a glass works well for this type of drink, but feel free to use whatever glassware you prefer.

Now, it's time to pour in the Seedlip Garden 108. This particular Seedlip expression is made with a blend of hand-picked peas and homegrown hay, along with traditional herbs and botanicals. The result is a complex and aromatic spirit that mimics the flavors of a garden in full bloom. Measure out 50ml (or about 1.7 ounces) of Seedlip Garden 108 and gently pour it over the ice in your glass.

To add some effervescence and a touch of bitterness, top the drink with tonic water. The exact amount can vary depending on personal preference, but I find that a 1:1 ratio of Seedlip Garden 108 to tonic water works well. Slowly pour the tonic water into the glass, allowing it to mix with the Seedlip and ice.

Now comes the final touch – the garnish. A Sugar Snap Pea or a sprig of Mint can add a burst of freshness and visual appeal to the drink. Simply place the garnish on top of the drink, allowing it to rest on the ice.

With your Seedlip Garden 108 and tonic complete, take a moment to appreciate the aroma and colors of the drink. The combination of the botanical notes from the Seedlip, the bubbles from the tonic water, and the vibrant garnish creates a visually pleasing and enticing experience.

When it comes to sipping the drink, take your time to savor each sip. The Seedlip Garden 108 offers a complex flavor profile with notes of fresh peas, fragrant herbs, and a hint of bitterness. The tonic water adds a touch of sweetness and fizz, balancing out the flavors.

As you enjoy your Seedlip Garden 108, take a moment to relax and appreciate the experience. Whether you're enjoying it on a warm summer evening or looking for a non-alcoholic alternative at a social gathering, this drink can be a delightful and satisfying choice.

Remember, the beauty of Seedlip Garden 108 lies not only in its taste but also in its versatility. Feel free to experiment with different garnishes or even incorporate it into mocktail recipes for a unique twist. The possibilities are endless, and the enjoyment of Seedlip Garden 108 is only limited by your imagination.

So, go ahead and pour yourself a glass of Seedlip Garden 108 over ice, top it with tonic water, and garnish it with a Sugar Snap Pea or Mint sprig. Cheers to a delicious non-alcoholic drink that celebrates the flavors of nature!