The Rich Taste of Ardnamurchan Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Ardnamurchan Single is the latest addition to Scotland's vast array of single malt whiskies. This whisky is produced by Adelphi Distillery Limited, a company owned by Keith Falconer and Donald Houston. The Ardnamurchan Distillery is located in the Gorbals district of Glasgow and was originally built in 1826. Since then, it has been passed down though generations, with Archibald Walker taking ownership in 1880.

Ardnamurchan Single Malt is unique for its peated, cask strength profile. It has an ABV ( by volume) of 58.7 % and has a flavor profile that combines aromas and tastes from both and cask maturation. It offers a complexity of flavor and palate that is unsurpassed in its price range, making it one of the most sought after single malt whiskies avaiable today.

The whisky produced at Ardnamurchan Distillery has been described as “rich and complex” with notes of honey, spice, fruitcake and dried fruits on the palate. The aroma is sweet with hints of smoke, menthol, leather and tobacco on the nose. As a result of its unique production process, this whisky has a very distinctive taste that sets it apart from oter single malts on the market today.

In addition to bing an excellent sipping , Ardnamurchan Single Malt can also be used as a base for some amazing . Thanks to its intense flavor profile, it can easily stand up to stronger ingredients such as or liqueurs without overpowering them. Some popular Ardnamurchan-based cocktails include the Rob Roy (made with Scotch whiskey), the Bloody Mary (made with tomato ), or even just simple highballs made with or tonic water.

For those looking for an exceptional single malt whiskey experience, Ardnamurchan Single Malt should definitely be at the top of their list! Its unique production methods make it one of the most interesting whiskies around – perfect for both sipping neat or using as a base for some classic cocktails!

Age of Ardnamurchan Whisky

Ardnamurchan whisky is one of the oldest whiskies in Scotland, with production beginning in 1826. The distillery was originally established in the Gorbals district of Glasgow and was taken over by Archibald Walker in 1880. By 1887, the distillery was producing over 500,000 gallons of both malt and grain whisky per year, making it one of the largest whisky producers at the time. This makes Ardnamurchan whisky alost 200 years old, making it a true testament to Scotland's long-standing whisky heritage.

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Is Ardnamurchan Whisky Peated?

Yes, Ardnamurchan Single Malt is a peated whisky. The new addition to the range is a cask strength (58.7% ABV) expression that has been heavily peated, with a phenol level of 30ppm. This gives it a unique smoky and medicinal profile, balancing the coastal notes from the unpeated expressions. The result is an intense and complex whisky which can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

Who Is the Owner of Ardnamurchan Distillery?

Ardnamurchan Distillery is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adelphi Distillery Limited, whch is owned by Keith Falconer and Donald Houston. Keith Falconer and Donald Houston are both highly experienced in the whisky industry and have combined their expertise to create Adelphi Distillery Limited. Ardnamurchan Distillery is their flagship distillery, and sits on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in Scotland. The site has been carefully chosen due to its unique microclimate, which allows for exceptional maturation conditions. The distillery produces a range of award-winning single malt whiskies that are highly sought after by whisky connoisseurs around the world.

The Appeal of Single Malt Whiskey

Single malt whiskies offer a unique and complex flavor profile that cannot be found in grain whiskies. Single malt whisky is made with only one type of malted barley, which givs it a distinctive character and flavor. It is also made in pot stills, unlike blended whisky which is typically made in column stills. This adds to the complexity of single malt whisky, as the copper from the pot stills helps to impart additional flavors and aromas.

Single malt whiskies are often aged for longer periods of time than grain whiskies, allowing for more flavor compounds to form and mature over time. This aging process gives single malts an incredibly smooth texture and a more balanced flavor profile than grain whiskies.

The wide variety of single malts available on the market today provides whiskey connoisseurs with an assortment of flavors that cannot be found in grain whiskies. From smoky Islay scotches, to rich Speysides, to fruity Highlands – there is truly something for everyone's palate when it comes to single malt whisky.

Overall, people prefer single malt whisky because it offers a unique flavor experience that can't be found anywhere else. With its smooth texture and intense flavor notes, single malt whisky provides whiskey connoisseurs with an opportunity to explore the world of whiskey like never before.


The Ardnamurchan Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a unique and highly sought-after dram from the Adelphi Distillery Limited. Produced in Scotland, Ireland, and England, this peated cask strength whisky (58.7% ABV) is a great addition to any whisky collection. The Ardnamurchan single malt offers a complex flavor profile with notes of smoky peat and sherry cask maturation that make it a truly memorable dram. While it may not be the best single malt scotch overall compared to other competitive whiskies, such as Aberlour 16, it still offers excellent flavor and complexity for its price range. All in all, the Ardnamurchan Single Malt Scotch Whisky is an excellent choice for those lookig for a unique and flavorful whisky experience.

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