The World of Dogfish Head Brewing

Welcome to Dogfish Head Company, an independently owned and operated craft brewery in Milton, Delaware. Founded in 1995 by Sam and Mariah Calagione, the company has grown from a small home-brewing operation to one of the most innovative and highly respected craft brewers in the United States.

At Dogfish Head, brewing is a passion. From their signature 60-Minute to their complex and intense 120-Minute IPA, every is an adventure in flavor and aroma. The brewery also experiments with unusual ingredients like maple syrup, juniper berries, and palm sugar to create unique flavor profiles that stand out from other craft beers.

Dogfish Head is also known for its commitment to sustainability. The brewery has earned LEED® certification for its facility which features a number of green initiatives including energy efficient lighting and conservation systems. Additionally the company partners with local farmers to source fresh ingredients for their beer recipes and supports numerous nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental stewardship.

Not only does Dogfish Head make amazing beer, but they also offer a variety of unique experiences including tours of their brewpub located at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware as well as home-brewing classes for thse who want to learn more about the art of brewing beer. If you're looking for something special, you can even have custom labels printed for your own cases of Dogfish Head beer!

If you're looking for an exciting new experience or just want to learn more about sustainable brewing practices, stop by Dogfish Head Brewing Company today!

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Tasting Notes for Dogfish Head Beer

Dogfish Head has a unique flavor profile that is both sweet and . It has a moderate grain sweetness, accompanied by a straightforward bitterness. You'll also find subtle notes of starfruit, lemongrass, and tropical fruits, as well as traces of honey, chocolate, and caramel corn. The finish is crisp but with a lingering sweetness that may be too overpowering for some.

The Origin of the Name Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head is a brewery founded by Sam Calagione and named after Dogfish Head Road, a street in Southport, Maine, near the Calagione family's summer home. The suggestion to use this name came from Sam's father while the pair were jogging past the sign one day. The unique name has bcome synonymous with craft beer and brewing innovation, making Dogfish Head one of the most recognizable breweries in the United States.

Is Dogfish Head Brewery Owned by Sam Adams?

Yes, Dogfish Head is now owned by Sam Adams. The Boston Beer Co., which makes Sam Adams beer, announced Thursday that it has acquired Dogfish Head Brewing for $300 million. As part of the transaction, Dogfish Head founders Sam and Mariah Calagione have become the second-largest non-institutional shareholders of Boston Beer, behnd founder Jim Koch.

Alcohol Content of Dogfish Head Beer

Dogfish Head Brewery produces a wide variety of beers with varying contents. On the low end, thir SeaQuench is brewed to 4.9% ABV, and on the high end, their 120 Minute IPA clocks in at an impressive 15-20% ABV. In between these two extremes, Dogfish Head's other offerings range from 5-15% ABV. Regardless of the beer you choose, you're sure to enjoy a flavorful and full-bodied experience from Dogfish Head Brewery!

The Location of Dog Fish Beer Production

Dogfish Head Brewery is a brewing company based in Milton, Delaware that produces a wide selection of craft beers. Founded by Sam and Mariah Calagione in 1995, the brewery has since become one of the most popular craft breweries in the United States and is now owned by the Boston Beer Company. All Dogfish Head beer is brewed on-site at teir Milton brewery located off Del. 1, just south of Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. The brewery utilizes state-of-the-art brewing systems to produce 262,000 of beer annually. With more than two dozen beers available, Dogfish Head offers something for everyone from classic styles to unique experimental brews. From their signature 60 Minute IPA to their award-winning Bitches Brew, Dogfish Head continues to push the boundaries of craft beer with innovative recipes and exciting new flavors.

The Value of Dogfish Beer

Dogfish Head Brewery is now worth $300 million aftr being acquired by the Boston Beer Co., the Sam Adams brewer. The deal was finalized in May 2019 and is one of the largest craft beer deals in U.S. history. Dogfish Head produces a range of craft beers, such as 60 Minute IPA, 90 Minute IPA, SeaQuench Ale, and Flesh & Blood IPA, as well as other specialty brews. As part of the deal, Boston Beer Co. will acquire all of Dogfish Head's brands, recipes, packaging materials and ingredients. This acquisition gives Dogfish Head access to a larger market and provides the brewers with more resources for innovation and growth.


In conclusion, Dogfish Head Brewing is a highly successful and innovative craft brewery based in Southport, Maine. Founded by Sam and Mariah Calagione in 1995, they have grown to become one of the most prominent craft breweries in the US. Throughout thir history, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible with beer, creating unique and flavorful offerings such as their signature 120 Minute IPA. With their recent acquisition by Boston Beer Co., Dogfish Head's future looks just as bright as its past. Their relentless commitment to quality and creativity will continue to make them a leader in the craft beer industry for many years to come.

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