Dr Mcgillicuddy: Where To Buy

If you're looking for a unique and flavorful , look no further than Dr. McGillicuddy's. This brand of flavored whiskeys is the perfect blend of smooth and sweet, with flavors like Apple, Peach, Honey and Blackberry. Not only are these whiskeys affordable – ranging from $13 to $20 depending on the bottle size – but they also pack quite a punch at 60 proof.

Dr. McGillicuddy was created in 2016 by Sazerac to bring a unique twist to the traditional whiskey experience. The MacGillycuddy family tomb is located in Kilgobnet (Kerry), Ireland, between the mountains and Killorglin – an area owned by McGillycuddy of the Reeks until the end of the 20th century. The word reek is a Hiberno-English version of the English word rick, meaning a stack.

If you're looking to purchase some Dr. McGillicuddy flavored whiskey, tere are several options available to you. You can find it in bottle sizes ranging from 50 mL to 1 L, as well as in fun-sized 50 mL bottles that make great gifts or party favors. You can also find it at your local liquor store or online at various retailers such as Amazon or Total & More.

Dr McGillicuddy's Mentholmint Schnapps is one of their most popular products – usually served as shots or mixed drinks for special occasions – with its minty flavor that will surely leave an impression on all your guests! So if you're looking for something new and interesting to add to your next gathering or just want something special for yourself, then Dr McGillicuddy's is certainly worth checking out!

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What Type of Alcohol is in Dr. McGillicuddy?

Dr. McGillicuddy is a brand of flavored whiskeys made by Sazerac. The whiskeys are crafted from premium grain neutral and have an content of 60 proof (30% ABV). The line of Dr. McGillicuddy flavored whiskeys include Apple, Peach, Honey and Blackberry varieties, which are all available in bottle sizes 50 mL, 750 mL and 1 L.

The Search for McGillicuddy

McGillycuddy is a clan of noble families, with their ancestral seat located in the parish of Kilgobnet, County Kerry. The family tomb is situated between the MacGillycuddy's Reeks – a mountain range stretching from Killarney to Dingle – and the town of Killorglin. Until the end of the twentieth century, the MacGillycuddys owned large tracts of land in this part of Munster. The word ‘reek' which is featured in the name of their mountain range has its origin in Hiberno-English and means ‘stack'.


Dr. McGillicuddy is a prominent whiskey brand that has been around since 2016, offering a variety of flavored whiskeys in bottle sizes ranging from 50 mL to 1 L. Their flavored whiskeys come in Apple, Peach, Honey and Blackberry varieties and all of them are 60 proof. Dr. McGillicuddy's is also known for their Mentholmint Schnapps Liqueur, which is available in 750 ml bottle sizes and costs abot $13. Not only do they offer delicious whiskey flavors, but they have an interesting history as well; the MacGillycuddy family tomb is located at Kilgobnet (Kerry) between the mountains and Killorglin and the clan chief McGillycuddy owned land in this part of Munster until the 20th century. All in all, Dr. McGillicuddy offers a range of quality whiskeys that are perfect for any occasion.

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