How long to toast marshmallows in oven?

Answered by Amado Berg

Toasting marshmallows in the oven is a great alternative to the traditional campfire method. It allows for a controlled and even heat, resulting in perfectly toasted marshmallows every time. But how long should you toast them in the oven? Well, that depends on your personal preference.

First, preheat your oven to a low broil setting. This will ensure that the marshmallows cook evenly and don’t burn too quickly. While the oven is heating up, prepare a baking tray by lining it with parchment paper or aluminum foil. This will make clean-up a breeze and prevent the marshmallows from sticking to the tray.

Once the oven is preheated and the tray is ready, place the marshmallows on the tray, making sure to leave some space between each one. This will allow for even toasting and prevent them from sticking together.

Now, it’s time to put the tray in the oven. The toasting process typically takes anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how you like your marshmallows. If you prefer a lightly toasted and gooey center, aim for the shorter end of the time range. If you enjoy a slightly charred and caramelized exterior, leave them in for closer to 5 minutes.

Keep a close eye on the marshmallows as they toast. The high heat of the broiler can cause them to go from perfectly toasted to burnt in a matter of seconds. You want them to be golden brown on the outside, with a soft and gooey center. If you notice that they are browning too quickly, you can lower the oven rack to a lower position to reduce the heat intensity.

During the toasting process, you may also want to rotate the tray halfway through to ensure even browning on all sides of the marshmallows. This can be done quickly and carefully using oven mitts or tongs.

Once your marshmallows have reached your desired level of toasting, remove them from the oven and let them cool for a minute or two. This will allow them to set slightly and make them easier to handle. Be cautious when handling hot marshmallows, as they can be sticky and may still be quite hot.

And there you have it – perfectly toasted marshmallows from the comfort of your own kitchen! Whether you enjoy them slightly warmed or charred to perfection, the oven method provides a convenient and delicious way to enjoy this classic treat.

To summarize, the suggested time range for toasting marshmallows in the oven is 3 to 5 minutes. However, the actual cooking time will depend on your desired level of toasting. Remember to keep a close eye on them to prevent burning and rotate the tray if needed. Enjoy your gooey, toasted marshmallows!