How Many Bottles Come In A Case Of Crown Royal

Crown Royal is an iconic made from a blend of over fifty distinct, full-bodied whiskies. The signature flavor of Crown Royal is the result of its meticulous blending process and its use of only the finest ingredients. The smooth, velvety taste of Crown Royal has won it numerous awards and made it the number one selling Canadian whiskey in the United States.

For those looking to stock up on their favorite tipple, a case of Crown Royal makes for an ideal purchase. Each case contains twelve bottles (750 ml each) of smooth and delicious whiskey. That's nine liters of premium Canadian whisky in every order! With twelve bottles in every case, you'll have plenty to enjoy with friends or even just to relax with after a long day.

Crown Royal has been around since 1939, when it was first created as a gift for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth dring their visit to Canada. Since then, it has become one of the most popular worldwide and is enjoyed by millions each year. Not only is it rich and flavorful but also remarkably versatile, making it perfect for sipping neat or mixing into such as Old Fashioneds or Manhattans.

No matter what your whisky preference is, there's something special about Crown Royal that sets it apart from other brands. Its distinctive taste, smooth finish and classic packaging make it the ideal choice for any occasion. With twelve bottles in every case, you can be sure to always have enough on hand when you need it!

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Number of 750ml Bottles in a Case of Crown Royal

A case of Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey contains 12 bottles, each with a 750ml capacity. That means that every case contains a total of 9 liters (9000ml) of whiskey. Each bottle has a royal purple bag and is sealed with a gold band for added luxury. Crown Royal has been the preferred whisky for generations, providing a smooth and mellow flavor that is perfect for sipping or mixed drinks.

Number of Bottles in a Case of Whiskey

A case of whiskey typically contains 12 bottles. The standard size of a whiskey bottle is 750 ml, so in total you would have 9 liters of whiskey in a case.

Is Crown Royal an Affordable Whiskey?

No, Crown Royal is not a cheap whiskey. It sits somewhere in the middle between top shelf spirits and entry-level whiskeys, making it an ideal choice for people looking for an affordable whisky that still offers quality and taste. Crown Royal has a wide variety of blends that range from medium-bodied to full-bodied, so there's something for everyone. The brand also offers unique flavors such as Vanilla and Maple Finished, Apple, and Blenders' Mash, giving drinkers plenty of options to explore. Ultimately, Crown Royal is a reliable go-to for those seeking quality without breaking the bank.

The Cost of Crown Royal

The cost of Crown Royal depends on the type and size of bottle you are looking for. Crown Royal Deluxe Canadian Whisky is available in a 1750ml bottle for $40, while Crown Royal Northern Harvest is available in 750ml and 1000ml bottles for between $30-40. For those looking to try something different, Crown Royal Barrel Finished comes in a 750 ml bottle for $49, and the Hand Selected Barrel is also available in 750 ml bottles for $53.


Crown Royal is a classic Canadian whiskey crafted from a blend of 50 distinct whiskies. It has been aged in oak for at least three years, resulting in a smooth and complex flavor with notes of vanilla, spice, and oak. Each case contains twelve 750 ml bottles of this exquisite whiskey, giving you nine liters of deliciousness to enjoy. Whether sipped neat or mixed into your favorite cocktail, Crown Royal is sure to be a hit with any crowd.

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