How to make half and half with Guinness?

Answered by James Smith

To create the perfect half and half with Guinness, you'll need a pint glass and two types of Guinness : Guinness Blonde North American and Guinness Draught. Follow these steps for a delicious and visually appealing drink:

1. Gather your ingredients:
– 8oz Guinness Blonde North American Lager
– 8oz Guinness Draught

2. Select a pint glass:
– Choose a pint glass that can hold at least 16oz (1 pint) of liquid. The shape of the glass will also enhance the presentation of your half and half.

3. Pour the Guinness Blonde:
– Hold the pint glass at a slight angle and slowly pour 8oz of Guinness Blonde North American Lager into the glass. Pouring at an angle helps to minimize the creation of foam and ensures a smooth pour.

4. Add the Guinness Draught:
– Take a Half-and-Half spoon, which is designed to facilitate layering different beers, and position it just above the Guinness Blonde in the glass.
– Slowly pour 8oz of Guinness Draught over the spoon. The spoon helps to distribute the flow of the beer and prevents it from mixing with the Guinness Blonde.

5. Observe the result:
– As you pour the Guinness Draught over the spoon, you'll notice that it floats on top of the Guinness Blonde. The Guinness Blonde will settle at the bottom of the glass, creating a distinct separation between the two beers.

6. Enjoy responsibly:
– Once you have successfully created the half and half, take a moment to appreciate the beautiful visual contrast of the two Guinness beers in your glass.
– Before taking a sip, you can gently stir the two beers together with a spoon to combine their flavors. This will create a unique blend of the smooth, malty Guinness Draught and the crisp, hoppy Guinness Blonde.
– Savor the balanced taste and smooth texture of your half and half, taking note of the subtle nuances from both beers.

Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy your half and half Guinness experience!