The Key to Creamy and Nutty Beers with Naked Golden

Craft is all about pushing boundaries and exploring new flavors and textures. One ingredient that has gained popularity among brewers is naked golden malted oats. These oats bring a unique set of characteristics to beers that can elevate the drinking experience.

Naked golden oats are a type of malted oats that have been specially processed to enhance their brewing qualities. Unlike traditional oat malts, naked golden oats have had the husk removed, allowing for better utilization of the oats during the brewing process. This results in a smoother, creamier mouthfeel and a more pronounced oat flavor in the final .

One of the key benefits of using naked golden oats in brewing is their ability to add a velvety, creamy texture to the beer. This is particularly beneficial for styles like porters and stouts, where a smoother mouthfeel can help balance out the astringency and sharpness often associated with roasted malts. The oats also contribute to a fuller body, giving the beer a richer, more satisfying texture.

In addition to their texture-enhancing properties, naked golden oats also bring a slight nutty character to the beer. This can add depth and complexity to the flavor profile, complementing the other ingredients used in the brew. Whether it's a subtle hint of toasted oats or a more pronounced nuttiness, the addition of naked golden oats can take a beer to the next level of deliciousness.

It's important to note that naked golden oats are different from flaked oats, which are commonly used in brewing as well. While both types of oats contribute to a creamy mouthfeel, naked golden oats have undergone the same malting process as barley, whereas flaked oats have been softened with steam or hot before being flattened. This slight difference in processing can result in varying flavors and textures, so brewers should choose the type of oats that best suits their desired outcome.

When it comes to incorporating naked golden oats into a brew, there are a few key considerations. First, the oats should be properly milled to ensure optimal extraction of flavors and sugars. This can be done using a roller mill or a mill set to a fine grind. Second, the oats should be added to the mash tun during the mashing process, allowing them to fully integrate with the other grains and extract their desirable qualities.

Naked golden oats are a versatile and exciting ingredient for craft brewers looking to enhance the texture and flavor of their beers. With their ability to add a creamy mouthfeel, a nutty character, and a smoothness that cuts through astringency, naked golden oats can take a beer from good to exceptional. So, next time you're looking to experiment with your brewing recipes, consider adding some naked golden oats and see how they can elevate your beer to new heights of deliciousness.

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What Does Malted Oats Add To Beer?

Malted oats contribute several desirable characteristics to beer, enhancing its overall quality and taste. Here are some key benefits of using malted oats in beer production:

1. Creamy Texture: Malted oats are renowned for their ability to impart a velvety and creamy texture to beers. This smoothness can help counterbalance any harsh or astringent flavors that may be present in certain beer styles, such as porters and stouts.

2. Body and Mouthfeel: Crystal oat malts, a type of malted oats, add a pleasingly smooth and full-bodied mouthfeel to beers. This can enhance the overall drinking experience by providing a richer and more satisfying texture.

3. Nutty Flavor: Crystal oat malts also contribute a subtle nutty character to beers. This adds a layer of complexity and depth to the flavor profile, making the beer more interesting and enjoyable for the palate.

4. Reduced Astringency: One of the main advantages of using malted oats is their ability to reduce astringency in beers. Astringency refers to the dry, puckering sensation often associated with tannins or overly flavors. The creamy texture of malted oats helps to counteract this, resulting in a smoother and more balanced beer.

Malted oats, particularly crystal oat malts, add a creamy texture, smooth mouthfeel, nutty flavor, and help reduce astringency in beers. These qualities make malted oats a valuable ingredient in brewing, especially for styles that benefit from a richer and more velvety profile.


Naked golden is a type of malted oats that offers unique characteristics to beers. It is known for its ability to add a velvety and creamy texture, making it ideal for cutting the astringency and sharpness of beers like porters and stouts. Additionally, crystal oat malts provide a subtle nutty character, contribute to a creamier body, and create a smooth mouthfeel. On the other hand, flaked oats undergo a different process where they are softened with steam or hot water before being flattened, resulting in gelatinized starch and increased surface area. This versatility in texture and flavor makes naked golden a valuable ingredient in brewing, enhancing the overall drinking experience for beer enthusiasts.

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