The Popular Hypnotic Drink – HPNOTIQ

Introducing Hpnotiq, the sky blue that has been making waves in the nightlife scene since it was invented in 2001. Combining natural, exotic fruit juices, premium and a touch of , Hpnotiq is a unique and delicious that has become a favorite among party-goers. With its low content of 17% ABV (alcohol by volume), this liqueur is perfect for those loking for a light buzz without overdoing it.

Hpnotiq rose to fame when rapper Sean Combs started selling it in his restaurant chain Justin's in New York City. Its popularity only grew from there as it was featured in many popular hip hop and rap lyrics. Not only does it taste great, but its attractive sky blue color makes it an eye-catching addition to any bar or party.

Hpnotiq can be served mixed with premium such as cognac, , vodka, or for a more potent version of the drink. However, keep in mind that drinking too much of this sweet liqueur will likely result in a sugar and alcohol hangover twofer – not something you want to experience!

For those looking for an enjoyable alternative to traditional liquors without taking things too far, Hpnotiq is the perfect choice. Its low alcohol content allows you to enjoy its sweet flavor while still staying safe and keeping your wits about you – all while having fun with friends! So next time you're out on the town or throwing a party at home, don't forget to pick up some Hpnotiq and have yourself some hypnotic fun!

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Types of Alcohol in Hypnotic Liqueur

Hypnotic is a fruit-based liqueur made from natural, exotic fruit juices, premium vodka and a touch of cognac. It is produced and bottled in France, and can be served mixed with other premium spirits such as cognac, rum, vodka or champagne. Hypnotic has a sweet and light flavor that makes it a popular choice for , shots, and other drinks. The alcohol content of Hypnotic is 17% ABV (34 proof), making it slightly weaker than other spirits.

The Strength of Hypnotic Alcohol

Hypnotic is not a particularly strong alcoholic beverage. It has an alcohol content of 17% ABV (alcohol by volume), which is comparable to other liqueurs such as Baileys Cream. This means that it will not give you a strong buzz or intoxication, so it may be a good choice for those who are looking for something lighter than other spirits or beers.

The Cost of a Bottle of Hypnotic

A bottle of Hpnotiq costs around $20 for a standard 750 ml bottle. If you're looking for something bigger, you can get a 1-liter bottle for $35. There are also two other variants available – Hpnotiq Sparkle and Hpnotiq Harmonie, which are both priced at around $20 and $25 respectively for 750 ml bottles. So depending on your preference, you have a range of options to choose from, each with its own unique flavor profile.


Hpnotiq is a low ABV fruit-based liqueur with a sky blue color. It was invented in 2001 and gained popularity after being featured in hip hop and rap lyrics. It is made with natural fruit juices, premium vodka and a touch of cognac and can be served mixed with different spirits. The alcohol content of Hpnotiq is 17% ABV which is relatively low compared to other alcoholic drinks. Although it can provide a slight buzz, consuming too much could result in an unpleasant hangover due to the high sugar content. As such, it is best to enjoy Hpnotiq responsibly.

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