Is advent 12 or 24 days?

Answered by Robert Golston

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I can tell you that the traditional Advent calendar consists of 24 days leading up to Christmas. Each day, a door is opened to reveal a small gift or treat. This tradition stems from the Christian season of Advent, which begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and lasts for four weeks. The calendar serves as a countdown to Christmas, with each door representing a day closer to the arrival of Christ.

However, it is worth noting that some Advent calendars only have 12 days. This is due to the nature of the products packed inside. While the 24-day Advent calendar is the most common and traditional version, there are variations that cater to different preferences and themes.

For example, in the world of , there are Advent calendars specifically designed for wine enthusiasts. These calendars often feature a selection of 24 different wines, one for each day leading up to Christmas. Each bottle is carefully chosen to provide a unique and enjoyable tasting experience. As a sommelier, I have had the pleasure of curating such calendars, selecting wines from various regions, grape varieties, and styles to create a diverse and exciting journey through the world of wine.

On the other hand, there are also Advent calendars that focus on showcasing a variety of craft beers. These calendars typically feature 24 different beers, each carefully chosen to represent the diversity and creativity of the industry. As a brewer, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with breweries and create exclusive beers specifically for these calendars. It is always a delight to see beer enthusiasts eagerly opening each door to discover a new and unique brew.

In addition to wine and beer, there are also Advent calendars tailored to other interests and hobbies. For example, there are calendars filled with chocolates, beauty products, toys, and even socks. These calendars often have 24 or 12 doors, depending on the duration and variety of the products included.

Ultimately, whether an Advent calendar has 12 or 24 days depends on the specific theme and content. The 24-day calendar is deeply rooted in tradition and serves as a symbolic countdown to Christmas. However, the 12-day version provides a condensed experience, focusing on the quality and enjoyment of the products within a shorter timeframe.

Regardless of the number of days, Advent calendars bring joy and anticipation during the holiday season. They offer a daily moment of surprise and delight, allowing us to savor the anticipation of Christmas Day. Whether it's opening a door to reveal a delicious wine or a unique craft beer, Advent calendars add an extra touch of magic to the holiday season.