The Legacy of Junior Johnson: America’s Moonshine King

Introducing Junior Johnson's legendary Midnight Moon Original Moonshine! This award-winning moonshine is a tribute to the NASCAR racing legend, Junior Johnson, and his family's long history of moonshining in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

Junior Johnson was born into a family of moonshiners in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. His father and grandfather both ran successful stills during Prohibition, so it's no surprise that Junior followed in their footsteps. After all, bootlegging moonshine was essentially a hereditary trait for him. He even built his first race car out of parts from a 1930 Ford Model A coupe that he had used to transport illegal liquor!

Since then, Junior Johnson has become one of the most iconic figures in NASCAR history. After retiring from racing in 1966, he turned his attention to producing legal – starting with the launch of Midnight Moon Original Moonshine in 2005. This unique spirit is crafted using corn mash and distilled according to Junior's own secret recipe. The result is an ultra-smooth spirit that has won gold medals at some of the world's most prestigious spirits competitions!

At 80 proof, Midnight Moon Original Moonshine has a subtle sweetness and clean finish that makes it perfect for sipping neat or mixing with your favorite . It also cmes in several delicious flavors like Apple Pie and Strawberry to suit any taste preference. Whether you choose to sip it neat or mix it up with your favorite beverages, you can be sure you're experiencing the same legendary flavor that inspired so many generations of moonshiners before us!

So why not grab a bottle of Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon Original Moonshine today and raise a toast to this legendary moonshiner? Cheers!

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The Legacy of Junior Johnson: Was He a Moonshiner?

Yes, Junior Johnson was a moonshiner. He hailed from Wilkesboro, North Carolina, and bootlegging moonshine was essentially a hereditary trait for him. He was the middle child of seven, born Robert Glenn Johnson, Jr., and had several close family members involved in producing and selling illegal liquor. By the age of 14, he had already become a well-known figure in the local moonshining scene, having grown up around the business since childhood.

Johnson's experience with moonshining earned him a reputation as an expert driver in his teenage years; this skill eventually led him to race cars competitively. His fame and success as a racing driver brought attention to his earlier days as a moonshiner; he even referred to himself as “the last of the true moonshiners.” In 1979, Johnson was inducted into the National Motorsports Press Association's Hall of Fame for his achievements on the track.

Today, Junior Johnson is remembered both for his successful career as a race car driver and for his family's long history of producing illegal . His legacy lives on in two pieces of memorabilia: a plaque from 1979 commemorating his induction into the Hall of Fame, and a helmet from 1965 that he wore durng races. He will always be remembered for both accomplishments – winning races and running illegal – making him one of the most iconic figures in American motorsport history.

Is Midnight Moon Moonshine Authentic?

Yes, Midnight Moon is real moonshine. It is inspired by Junior Johnson's legendary recipe and is distilled from American corn to create a premium spirit that is 80 proof. The process used to make Midnight Moon is slightly more refined than traditional moonshine, giving it a distinct flavor profile that is slightly sweet, ultra-smooth and clean tasting. Despite the refinement, it still captures the essence of the original moonshine made famous in the Appalachian Mountains.

Who is the Manufacturer of Midnight Moon Moonshine?

Midnight Moon Moonshine is made by Piedmont Distillers, North Carolina's first legal distillery since Prohibition. Founded in 2004, the distillery is located on a farm in Madison, NC and produces a variety of moonshines as well as other spirits. The original Midnight Moon Moonshine was created when Junior, from the mechanics shop on his old farm, gave it two thumbs up after tasting it. Today, Piedmont Distillers continues to produce high quality moonshine and other spirits that can be found in stores and bars across the country.


Junior Johnson's legacy lives on through his moonshine, Midnight Moon Original. His recipe has been passed down and refined by Piedmont Distillers, resulting in a smooth and clean tasting 80 proof spirit. Junior's influence on NASCAR during the early years of its existence was massive, as many drivers were involved in transporting illegal liquor across the South. His moonshine has become an iconic part of American history, and is a testament to his legacy that still resonates today.

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