Sipping on Award-Winning Koenig Wines in the Sunnyslope Wine Trail

Koenig Vineyards is a family-owned winery located in the beautiful Sunnyslope Trail in Caldwell, Idaho. Founded by Greg Koenig in the 1980s, this boutique winery has been cultivating award-winning wines for over three decades.

The winemaking process at Koenig Vineyards is based on traditional practices and minimal intervention in the cellar. This unique approach leads to an exceptional wine that can only be produced at this location. As the new owners, James and Sydney Nederend have adopted these same practices, building upon the legacy of excellence that Greg Koenig set in motion.

As part of their dedication to quality wine production, Koenig Vineyards uses only hand harvested grapes from their own vineyard located on the Snake River Valley AVA. Careful attention is paid to each variety of grape as it ripens in order to produce distinctive wines with exceptional flavors. The winemaking team then ages each wine for optimal flavor before bottling and offering it for sale.

In addition to producing excellent wines, Koenig Vineyards also offers intimate tasting experiences for visitors to enjoy. Guests can sample a variety of wines while taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The tasting room also serves light fare like cheese plates and charcuterie boards whih pair perfectly with any selection from the vineyard's portfolio of wines.

If you're looking for an unforgettable experience with outstanding local wines, look no further than Koenig Vineyards! From its traditional winemaking techniques to its picturesque setting and delicious varieties, this small but mighty winery has something to offer everyone who visits the Sunnyslope Wine Trail!

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Who Is the Owner of Koenig Winery?

Koenig Winery is owned by James and Sydney Nederend. The winery was founded by Greg Koenig, who believed in minimal intervention in the cellar and a dedication to traditional winemaking craft. When the Nederends took over ownership, they adopted Greg's approach to winemaking, continuing the winery's tradition of quality wine.


Koenig Wines is the epitome of traditional winemaking craft and minimal intervention. With a focus on quality, their award-winning wines have earned them a place among the finest wineries in the Sunnyslope Wine Trail in Caldwell, Idaho. From their scenic vineyards to their intimate tasting experiences, Koenig Wines has become an integral part of the Snake River Valley AVA. Whether you're looking for a special occasion wine or just want to explore something new, make sure to add Koenig Wines to your must-sip list.

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