The Sweet and Fizzy Taste of Liquid Cocaine: A German-Inspired Cocktail

The Liquid Cocaine drink is a powerful mix of that has been around since the late 20th century. It features a combination of Jägermeister, cinnamon schnapps, peppermint schnapps, and 151-proof . Despite its menacing name, it doesn't contain any actual cocaine – but it sure packs a punch!

At first glance, the Liquid Cocaine looks just like any other cocktail. It's usually served in a rocks glass with a lime wedge and some ice cubes. But make no mistake; this isn't your average cocktail. The combination of high-proof rum and schnapps make this drink significantly stronger than most other .

What really makes Liquid Cocaine stand out is its taste profile. The Jagermeister provides a thick black licorice flavor that really stands out against the sweeter notes from the Coca-Cola and other ingredients. As you sip on this unique concoction, you'll also find hints of cinnamon and peppermint that provide an interesting contrast to the more intense licorice flavor.

Given its potency and strong taste, Liquid Cocaine isn't for everyone. If you're looking for something light and refreshing, then this definitely isn't the drink for you! But if you're in the mood for something strong and flavorful, then give Liquid Cocaine a try – just remember to drink responsibly!

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What Ingredients Are Used to Make Liquid Cocaine Drink?

Liquid Cocaine is an alcoholic drink made up of Jägermeister, cinnamon schnapps, peppermint schnapps and 151-proof rum. It is a potent and flavorful drink that can pack quite a punch. The combination of thee ingredients makes the drink unique and gives it its signature flavor. While it may have a dubious name, the drink does not contain any actual cocaine.

What is Liquid Cocaine at Starbucks?

Liquid Cocaine from Starbucks is an intense espresso-based that contains four shots of espresso and four pumps of White Chocolate Syrup poured over a glass of ice in a Grande cold cup. This drink provides a potent jolt of caffeine, sweetness, and flavor all in one. It is not an officially listed item on the Starbucks menu, but it is widely known among aficionados and has become somewhat of an unofficial secret menu item..

Drinking Jägermeister Straight: Is It Possible?

Jägermeister can be enjoyed straight, typically chilled or over ice. It is an herbal made from 56 herbs and spices, giving it a complex flavor that many find pleasant to sip. It has a pungent taste that may be too strong for some drinkers to enjoy when tken neat, so it is important to consider personal taste preferences when deciding whether or not to drink Jägermeister straight. Many find that sipping it slowly helps to maximize the flavor experience.


In conclusion, Liquid Cocaine is a potent and flavorful drink that originates from Germany. It features Jägermeister, cinnamon schnapps, peppermint schnapps, and 151-proof rum. While it does not contain any actual cocaine, the combination of these ingredients give the drink a strong flavor and potency. When mixed with Coca-Cola, the licorice taste of Jager stands out in this cocktail creating a sweet and fizzy drink. This drink is best enjoyed responsibly as its strength can be deceiving.

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