The Power of Lupomax Hop Pellets

When it comes to , the choice of plays a crucial role in determining the final flavor and aroma of the . Hops are responsible for providing that distinctive bitterness and aroma that beer lovers crave. And now, brewers have a new tool in their arsenal to elevate their brews to the next level – Lupomax.

Lupomax is a concentrated form of lupulin, the tiny golden glands found inside a hop cone. These little powerhouses are packed with resins and essential oils that give hops their unique character. By harnessing the concentrated lupulin, Lupomax offers brewers an opportunity to intensify the hop flavors and aromas in their beers.

One of the key advantages of Lupomax is its reduced vegetal and grassy attributes. Traditional hop pellets can sometimes contribute an undesirable grassy or vegetal taste to the beer, which can be off-putting to some drinkers. However, Lupomax pellets have been specially processed to minimize these unwanted flavors, resulting in a purer hop experience.

To use Lupomax in your brewing process, it is important to note the dosing rate. The recommended starting point is to use 70% of the weight of regular T90 pellets. For example, if you typically use 1 pound of T90 pellets, you would start by substituting in 0.70 pounds of Lupomax. This dosage ensures that you achieve the desired intensity of hop flavors and aromas without overpowering the other elements of your beer.

Now, let's take a closer look at the specifications of Lupomax. The crop year for the current batch is 2021, ensuring freshness and quality. The alpha acid content is 18%, which indicates the bitterness potential of the hops. Additionally, the moisture content is 8.5%, ensuring that the pellets are in optimal condition for brewing.

The use of Lupomax in your brewing process can elevate your beers to new heights. The concentrated lupulin content provides an intense hop experience, with enhanced flavors and aromas. Whether you're brewing a hop-forward or a more subtle beer style, Lupomax can add that extra layer of complexity and depth to your creations.

Lupomax is a game-changer for brewers looking to elevate their beers to the next level. With its concentrated lupulin content, reduced vegetal and grassy attributes, and easy dosing rate, Lupomax offers a convenient and effective way to intensify hop flavors and aromas in your brews. So go ahead, give Lupomax a try and unlock a world of hoppy possibilities in your beer.

What Are Lupomax Hops?

LUPOMAXTM hops are a type of hop product that is known for its concentrated resins and essential oils. These resins and oils are responsible for the unique flavors and aromas that hops are known for. LUPOMAXTM hops are designed to provide intense hop flavors and aromas, while also reducing any vegetal or grassy attributes that can sometimes be present in other hop products.

Here are some key points about LUPOMAXTM hops:

– LUPOMAXTM hops are a natural hop product that is made using a special process to concentrate the resins and essential oils found in hops.
– The concentration of these resins and oils in LUPOMAXTM hops results in a more intense hop flavor and aroma compared to traditional hop products.
– One of the advantages of using LUPOMAXTM hops is that they help to reduce any vegetal or grassy flavors that can sometimes be present in other hop products. This can lead to a cleaner and more pronounced hop character in the final product.
– LUPOMAXTM hops are often used in brewing and distilling to enhance the hop flavors and aromas in beer and .
– The concentrated nature of LUPOMAXTM hops means that a smaller amount is typically needed compared to traditional hop products, which can lead to cost savings for brewers and distillers.
– LUPOMAXTM hops are available in pellet form, making them easy to use and incorporate into the brewing or distilling process.

LUPOMAXTM hops are a natural hop product that provides intense hop flavors and aromas, while reducing vegetal and grassy attributes. They are a popular choice for brewers and distillers looking to enhance the hop character in their products.

How Much Lupomax To Use?

The recommended dosing rate for LUPOMAX® is 70% of regular T90 pellets by weight. This means that if you typically use 1 pound of T90 pellets, you should start by substituting in 0.70 pounds of LUPOMAX®. It is important to note that this is a starting point, and you may need to adjust the dosage based on your specific brewing needs and preferences.

To clarify further, here is a breakdown of the dosing rate:

– Regular T90 pellets: 100%
– LUPOMAX®: 70%

To calculate the amount of LUPOMAX® to use, you can follow these steps:

1. Determine the weight of regular T90 pellets you would normally use.
2. Multiply this weight by 0.70 to find the equivalent weight of LUPOMAX® to use.

For example, if you typically use 2 pounds of regular T90 pellets:

2 pounds (regular T90 pellets) x 0.70 (dosing rate for LUPOMAX®) = 1.4 pounds of LUPOMAX®

It is worth noting that adjusting the dosing rate may require some experimentation to achieve the desired flavor and aroma profile in your brewing process. Therefore, it is recommended to start with the 70% dosing rate and make adjustments based on your personal taste preferences.


LUPOMAXTM enriched hop pellets are a revolutionary product in the world of brewing. They offer brewers a concentrated form of lupulin, the essential component of hops, providing intense flavors and aromas while reducing vegetal and grassy attributes. With a dosing rate of 70% of regular T90 pellets, these pellets offer a convenient and efficient way to enhance the hop profile of beers.

The 2020 batch of LUPOMAXTM pellets boasts an impressive 18.0% alpha acid content, ensuring a potent hop bitterness that can contribute to the overall balance of a beer. Additionally, with an oil content of 2.9 mL/100gm, these pellets are packed with essential oils that lend unique and enticing aromas to the finished product.

Furthermore, the moisture content of the 2020 batch is 8.2%, indicating a well-preserved and high-quality product. This ensures that the pellets retain their potency and freshness, allowing brewers to consistently achieve the desired hop character in their beers.

For those looking to take advantage of the benefits of LUPOMAXTM, the 2021 batch presents an excellent opportunity. With a similar alpha acid content of 18% and a moisture content of 8.5%, this batch promises to deliver the same exceptional hop qualities as its predecessor.

LUPOMAXTM enriched hop pellets are a game-changer for brewers seeking maximum hop impact in their beers. Whether you are a professional brewer or a homebrew enthusiast, incorporating LUPOMAXTM into your recipes will undoubtedly elevate the sensory experience of your brews.

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