The Summer Refreshment: Malibu Canned Cocktails!

Welcome to the world of Malibu Canned ! If you're looking for a refreshing and delicious way to enjoy summer, look no further than Malibu Canned Cocktails. Now available nationwide in 12oz cans, these cocktails have an ABV of 7%, making them the perfect accompaniment to any pool party or summer gathering.

Malibu Canned Cocktails come in three delicious flavors: Watermelon , Pineapple Bay Breeze, and Cranberry Cola. All of these flavors are packed with fruit flavor and just enough sweetness to make each sip a refreshing treat.

The Watermelon Mojito is a tangy twist on the classic mojito – made with watermelon , sugar cane syrup, lime juice and mint leaves, this cocktail is sure to make your mouth . The Pineapple Bay Breeze has a tropical feel – made with real pineapple juice, this drink will transport you to the beach with each sip. And finally, the Cranberry Cola is a unique blend of tangy cranberry flavor and cola – making it perfect for anyone who likes an interesting twist on traditional cocktails.

These canned cocktails are also great for mixing up some fun drinks at home! Whether you're adding them to othr liquors or pineapple juice, they're sure to add some pizzazz your concoctions. And if you just want something light and coconutty? Malibu Mango is the way to go – with only 20% ABV it's still tasty but not too strong.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and make it a party – Malibu Canned Cocktails will bring out the sunshine no matter where you are!

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Where to Find Malibu Cocktails in a Can

Malibu's canned cocktails are available in two delicious flavors: Watermelon Mojito and Pineapple Bay Breeze. You can find them at your local grocery store, liquor store, or convenience store. For ultimate convenience, you can also order them online through Drizly. Both flavors feature a delicious mix of Malibu Coconut and real fruit juice for a refreshing and easy-to-enjoy summer . Enjoy them chilled straight from the can or mix with other ingredients to create your own special concoction. Cheers!

Alcohol Content in Malibu Cans

Malibu Cocktails in a Can have an ABV ( by Volume) of 7%. This means that for every 12oz can, there are approximately 8.4g of pure alcohol. Malibu Cans are perfect for bringing sunshine to your hangouts with friends any time of the year and can be enjoyed chilled straight out of the can.


Malibu Canned Cocktails are an ideal way to bring sunshine and tropical flavors to any gathering. With an ABV of 7%, they provide a light and refreshing drink that everyone can enjoy. Available in three flavors – Watermelon Mojito, Pineapple Bay Breeze and Cranberry Cola – these drinks offer a variety of options for every taste preference. Whether you prefer it chilled out of the can or mixed with other beverages, Malibu Canned Cocktails make it easy to create a fun and flavorful experience. So grab your friends and make it a party with Malibu Canned Cocktails!

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