Revel in the Rich Flavor of Maker’s Mark 46 Cask Strength

Makers Mark 46 Cask Strength is a premium made by the legendary Makers Mark Distillery. It is created by taking ther classic Makers Mark Bourbon and aging it in special for a minimum of nine months, that are then charred with oak staves and finished with French oak. This unique process gives Makers Mark 46 Cask Strength a distinctive flavor that can only be described as one of a kind.

The unique taste comes from the larger than normal amount of oak staves used in the aging process. This creates a bold and complex flavor profile that is rich and smooth, with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak. The finish has hints of spice and cinnamon that linger on the tongue for long after you've taen your last sip.

At cask strength, Makers Mark 46 has an ABV ( by volume) of 118-125 proof or 59-62% alcohol content. This makes it much stronger than regular Makers Mark which has an ABV of 90 proof or 45% alcohol content, so it should be enjoyed responsibly! However the higher proof also allows for greater flavor intensity when mixing and other drinks.

Makers Mark 46 Cask Strength is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, as its intense flavors can easily overpower oter ingredients in cocktails. It pairs well with chocolate desserts like brownies or cakes as its sweetness complements them nicely. It can also be used in cooking to add depth to savory dishes like steaks or pork chops due to its robust flavor profile.

Overall, Makers Mark 46 Cask Strength is an excellent bourbon whiskey for thse looking for something extra special. Its unique flavor profile makes it stand out from other bourbons and its high proof ensures it will make any occasion more memorable!

Age of Makers Mark 46 Cask Strength

Makers Mark 46 Cask Strength is a relatively new whiskey, firt released in 2015. As of 2020, the whiskey is only five years old. The whiskey is not aged for a specific amount of time, but rather to taste. It is made using the same process as the original Maker's Mark 46, but with an additional nine months of aging in barrels that have been heavily seared on the inside, resulting in a higher proof and more robust flavor profile.

Is Makers Mark Cask Strength a Top Shelf Whiskey?

Yes, Maker's Mark cask strength is definitely a top shelf bourbon. It has a unique flavor profile that blends wheat and corn in the mash bill for an incredibly smooth and balanced experience. The aroma has a sweet caramel and vanilla quality with notes of oak, leather, and tobacco. The taste is creamy and mellow with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and pepper. The finish is remarkably long with a pleasant warmth that lingers on the palate. This cask strength version of Maker's Mark stands out from other bourbons due to its higher alcohol content (55% ABV) whih gives it extra depth and complexity. All in all, the combination of flavor, aroma, complexity, finish and price make Maker's Mark one of the best high-end bourbons you can find.

Is Makers Mark 46 a Good Investment?

Makers Mark 46 is definitely a worthwhile bourbon, especially considering its relatively affordable price point. Its nose is particularly inviting with fragrant notes of apples, oranges, and dark fruits. On the palate, it offers a good balance between sweetness and spice with some subtle oak notes. The finish is fairly smooth with some light lingering flavors of caramel and spice. Although the flavor profile isn't quite as complex as some other bourbons, it's still an enjoyable dram that's worth trying out if you're lookng for something interesting and different.

The Unique Characteristics of Makers Mark 46

Makers Mark 46 is a special bourbon whiskey that was created by taking the original Makers Mark recipe and aging it longer in oak barrels. Additionally, seared French oak staves are inserted into the barrels during the last few months of aging, adding extra complexity and flavor to the whisky. The extra time and use of staves provide a smooth and creamy taste with notes of vanilla, caramel and oak. This unique process results in a flavorful and complex whiskey that is sure to please even the most discerning of palates.

Difference Between Makers Mark and Makers Mark 46

Makers Mark and Makers Mark 46 are both Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys produced by the same distillery, however they have some distinct differences. Makers Mark is aged for 6-7 years in charred oak barrels, while Makers Mark 46 is aged for 9-10 years in the same type of barrels. Additionally, seared French Oak staves are added to the barrels containing Makers Mark 46, giving it a slightly more robust flavor. The ABV of Makers Mark is 45%, while the ABV for Makers Mark 46 is 47%. Lastly, the price of Makers Mark 46 is usually higher than that of Makers Mark.

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Drinking Makers Mark 46

Makers Mark 46 is best enjoyed neat, meaning without the addition of , ice, or any other ingredients. When drinking this bourbon neat, you should pour a small amount into your glass and allow it to breathe for a few minutes. This allows the aroma and flavor of the bourbon to come through fully. When sipping it, take a small sip and roll the liquid around your mouth to savor the sweet and spicy flavors of the caramel, oak, and vanilla. Enjoy!

Drinking Cask Strength Straight: Is It Possible?

Yes, you can drink cask strength whiskey straight. Cask strength whiskey is bottled at a higher alcohol content than standard-strength whiskey, usually ranging from 50 to 65 percent ABV. This means that it is much more intense and the flavor of the spirit will be significantly more powerful than you are used to. When drinking cask strength whiskey neat, it is best to take small sips and savor the flavor as the higher content can be overwhelming if not consumed in moderation. If you're new to cask strength whiskeys, try adding a few drops of water btween sips to help open up the flavors and aromas of the whiskey.

The Strength of Cask Strength Whiskey

Cask strength whisky is a higher alcohol content than your standard bottle of whisky because it has not been diluted with water before bottling. Cask strength whisky is also non-chill filtered, meaning that chemical compounds that are usually removed during maturation have been left in the whisky. This adds more flavour and character to the whisky, increasing its ABV (alcohol by volume). The higher ABV also gives cask strength whisky a fuller, richer taste and mouthfeel than regular whiskies.

The Benefits of Investing in a Whisky Cask

Yes, buying a whisky cask can be a worthwhile investment. A whisky cask can be a source of pride and enjoyment for the buyer, as well as being an investment opportunity. When purchasing a cask, it is important to consider the age of the cask and its provenance. The older the whisky cask, the more valuable it will become with time. For instance, a 10-year-old cask is already considered qite rare due to the fact that 90% of casks filled at the same time have been used up by then. Additionally, whisky casks can fetch high prices at auction and can be seen as part of an investor's portfolio. With careful monitoring and maintenance, a whisky cask can become an incredibly rewarding asset over time.

Is Maker's Mark 46 a Good Sipping Whiskey?

Yes, Maker's Mark 46 is a great sipping whiskey. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor that is noticeably different from the standard Maker's Mark. The nose is filled with aromas of oak and nutmeg, with hints of black pepper, caramel and vanilla. On the palate, it has a smooth texture with notes of honey, oak, toffee and cinnamon. The finish is long and sweet with hints of oak and spice. All in all, Maker's Mark 46 is an excellent sipping whiskey that will appeal to both bourbon connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

The Smoothness of Maker's Mark 46

Maker's Mark 46 is smooth and easy to drink, but not without complexity. Its extra time aging in barrels with seasoned oak staves creates an added layer of flavor and aroma. The smoothness of Maker's Mark 46 is a result of its mellow character and subtle sweetness, which finishes with a warm finish. With balanced notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, Maker's Mark 46 is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

The Reasons Behind Makers Mark's Change to the 46 Bottle

Makers Mark changed their 46 bottle to strengthen and reinforce their premium legacy. The new bottle design is consistent with the brand's visual identity, and is made with a heavy-based glass that gives it a more luxurious feel. The new bottle also features a classic Makers Mark wax seal, as well as an embossed label that adds an extra layer of sophistication. Finally, the front label now features an updated version of the iconic Makers Mark logo, whih is designed to stand out more prominently on shelves and bar tops. All these changes are intended to make the Makers Mark 46 experience even more memorable for their customers.

Age of Makers Mark 46

Makers Mark 46 is a relatively new addition to the Makers Mark family, firt released in 2010. This makes it 10 years old as of 2020. It was created by Bill Samuels, Jr., the son of Makers Mark founders Bill and Margie, and is their first new major expression since classic Makers went into production in 1953.

The Cost of Makers 46

Makers 46 Bourbon is an excellent top-shelf whiskey and is priced at $39.99 for a 750 ml bottle. The price is quite reasonable considering the quality of the bourbon and free shipping is included with your purchase from This makes Makers 46 an affordable luxury that can be enjoyed by both experienced whiskey drinkers and those just starting their journey into .


Maker's Mark 46 Cask Strength is an exemplary American whiskey that has won numerous awards. It is a unique expression of the original Maker's Mark, with the addition of French Oak staves in the barrel to create a bolder and richer flavor profile. The whiskey is bottled at cask strength and boasts a robust aroma with notes of caramel and vanilla, folowed by hints of oak and cinnamon on the palate. It has a smooth finish with a lingering hint of spice. This exceptional whiskey can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, as well as in classic cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. Thanks to its bold flavor and complexity, Maker's Mark 46 Cask Strength is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced whiskey drinkers alike.

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