The Unique Experience of Maker’s Mark Private Select Barrels

Maker's Mark is a beloved American brand, founded in 1954 and hailing from Loretto, Kentucky. The whiskey is known for its distinctive red wax seal on the bottle neck and its signature flavor profile of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak. It's an iconic that has been enjoyed by whiskey lovers around the world for generations.

For those looking for an even more unique bourbon experience, Maker's Mark offers a special program called Maker's Mark Private Select Barrel. This program allows retailers and restaurants to create their own custom barrel of Maker's Mark bourbon with up to five differet wood finishes.

First, you must become an official Maker's Mark ambassador. Once you do so, your name will be placed on the barrel plate of one of their at the distillery in Loretto. Then, over the coure of six to seven years, you'll get to select up to five different wood finishes from a range of options such as French Cuvee staves, Seared French Cuvee staves, Toasted French Spice staves and Roasted French Mocha staves. These finishes add different flavors and nuances to the final product.

Once your barrel has finished aging, you can go back to the distillery in Loretto and purchase bottles from your own private selection barrel! Each bottle will feature a wax seal with your name or logo on it – a great way to commemorate the occasion or give as gifts!

With Maker's Mark Private Select Barrel program, you can create your own unique bourbon that will be treasured by connoisseurs for years to come!

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Age of Maker's Mark Private Selection

Maker's Mark Private Selection is aged for six to seven years, just like the other Maker's Mark varieties. The unique part of this particular variant is that it allows customers to customize their own barrel selection. Customers choose from a selection of 10 wood staves and then the barrel is filled with Maker's Mark Bourbon, which has already been aging for six to seven years. After the staves are added, the bourbon ages for an additional nine weeks, resulting in a truly unique flavor profile.

Cost of Buying a Barrel of Maker's Mark

It typically costs between $7,000-$10,000 to purchase a barrel of Maker's Mark. This price can vary depending on the distillery and the age of the bourbon. Maker's Mark is an excellent choice for those wishing to purchase a high-quality barrel of whiskey or bourbon. The cost of the barrel will include delivery and taxes, so be sure to factor that into your budget when making your decision.

Exploring Private Select Bourbon

Private Select Bourbon is a unique bottling program offered by Maker's Mark. This program allows retailers and restaurants to create their own custom bourbon blend. Using a selection of 10 special staves, each stave has been toasted and/or charred to different levels, the retailer or restaurant is able to customize the flavor and profile of the bourbon they create. These staves are then placed into a barrel and the aging process begins. After nine weeks, the barrel is emptied and bottled allowing for an individualized expression of Maker's Mark Bourbon. The final product is truly one-of-a-kind as each retailer or restaurant will have created their own specific blend of flavors and aromas that can only be found in that prticular bottle of Private Select Bourbon.

How to Get Your Name on a Maker's Mark Barrel

To get your name on a Maker's Mark barrel, you must frst sign up to be an official Maker's Mark Ambassador. This can be done by visiting the Maker's Mark website and registering for the program. Once registered, you'll receive a certificate with your name on it that will serve as proof of membership. You will then have the opportunity to enter your name into their online database and have it placed onto a barrel plate of one of their barrels in Loretto, Kentucky. After 6-7 years, you'll be able to visit Loretto and purchase a bottle of bourbon from your very own barrel!

Can You Purchase a Whole Barrel of Maker's Mark?

Yes, you can buy a full barrel of Maker's Mark® through our Private Selection program. A full barrel of Maker's Mark® is 53 gallons and will yield approximately 150-200 bottles depending on the proof. You get to customize the flavor profile of your whiskey with different types of wood staves that are inserted into your barrel, giving it its own unique flavor profile. In addition, each barrel is bottled and labeled with your own custom label so that you can make a truly unique product. Finally, you'll receive a certificate of authenticity and personalized gift box with every purchase.

Reusing Old Maker's Mark Barrels

Maker's Mark uses a unique aging process for their bourbon whiskey that involves aging the spirit in re-charred American white oak barrels. Once thse barrels have been used, they are shipped off to the Laphroaig distillery in Scotland where they are used to age their whisky. The combination of the barrel charring and the flavors already imparted by Maker's Mark create a unique flavor profile that is characteristic of Laphroaig whisky. This collaboration between two iconic distilleries creates an exceptional product and helps preserve the integrity of both brands.

Finding Maker's Mark Private Selection

Yes, Maker's Mark Private Select is quite hard to find. This is because the barrels used to create this whiskey are custom-crafted usng a range of different staves, each imparting specific flavors that create a unique flavor profile. With literally thousands of combinations possible, it's highly unlikely that two barrels will ever have the exact same flavor profile, making it difficult to replicate or find again.


In conclusion, Maker's Mark is an iconic bourbon brand that has been around for decades. The brand offers six variants of aged whiskey that range in prices from $8,000-$15,000. Their most unique offering is their Private Selection program which allows customers to not only purchase a bottle of whiskey from a barrel with their name on it, but also to create their own custom blend of Maker's Mark Whiskey. With its smooth taste and wide array of offerings, Maker's Mark is sure to have something to satisfy any whiskey lover's needs.

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