The Refreshing Blend of Mango and Lemon in Truly Hard Seltzer’s

When it comes to refreshing beverages, there's nothing quite like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. But what if you could take that classic lemonade flavor and give it a tropical twist? That's where Truly 's Mango Lemonade comes in.

Truly Hard Seltzer is known for their delicious and refreshing alcoholic seltzers, and their Mango Lemonade flavor is no exception. With just the right balance of sweet and tangy, this flavor is a crowd-pleaser for sure. But what sets it apart from other seltzers on the market?

First and foremost, let's talk about the ingredients. Truly Mango Lemonade is made with filtered carbonated , , natural flavors, citric acid, lemon concentrate, sodium citrate, cane sugar, and stevia sweetener. These ingredients come together to create a drink that is both flavorful and refreshing.

But what about the nutritional content? If you're watching your calories and carbs, you'll be happy to know that Truly Mango Lemonade is a guilt-free treat. Each 12oz can contains just 100 calories and 2-3 grams of carbohydrates. Plus, it's low in sugar, with only 1 gram per can. So you can enjoy this tasty without worrying about derailing your diet.

Now, let's talk about the alcohol content. Truly Mango Lemonade has an alcohol by volume (alc./vol.) of 5.3%, which is similar to most other Truly seltzer flavors. This makes it a great option for those looking for a light and refreshing alcoholic beverage without the high alcohol content of other drinks.

But what about the taste? Well, if you're a fan of mango and lemonade, you're in for a treat. The flavor of this seltzer is a perfect blend of tart lemons and sweet mangoes. It's like sipping on a tropical paradise in a can. The natural flavors and real fruit juice concentrate really shine through, giving this drink an authentic and refreshing taste.

Truly Mango Lemonade is a winner in our book. Whether you're looking for a tasty beverage to enjoy on a hot summer day, or you're just in the mood for something different, this seltzer is sure to hit the spot. With its low calorie and carb content, as well as its delicious flavor, it's a great option for those who want to indulge without the guilt.

So next time you're craving a refreshing drink, reach for a can of Truly Mango Lemonade. Your taste buds will thank you. Cheers to summer and all the delicious flavors it brings!

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What Are The Ingredients In Truly Mango Lemonade?

Truly Mango Lemonade is a refreshing beverage that combines the flavors of mango and lemon in a carbonated form. The ingredients in this drink include filtered carbonated water, alcohol, natural flavors, citric acid, lemon juice concentrate, sodium citrate, cane sugar, and stevia sweetener.

The first ingredient, filtered carbonated water, provides the base for the drink and gives it a texture. It helps to enhance the overall experience of drinking the mango lemonade. The inclusion of alcohol adds a unique twist to the beverage, giving it a slight kick and making it suitable for those who enjoy alcoholic drinks.

Natural flavors are used to enhance the taste of the mango and lemon in the drink. These flavors are derived from natural sources, adding a delicious and authentic fruity taste to the mango lemonade. The use of natural flavors ensures that the drink has a refreshing and genuine flavor profile.

Citric acid is included to provide a tangy and tart flavor to the drink. This ingredient helps to balance out the sweetness of the mango and lemon flavors, creating a well-rounded taste experience. Lemon juice concentrate is also added to enhance the citrusy notes in the drink, giving it a zesty and refreshing taste.

Sodium citrate is used as a preservative and also helps to enhance the flavor of the drink. It helps to maintain the overall quality and freshness of the mango lemonade, ensuring that it stays delicious for longer periods of time. Cane sugar is included as a sweetener, adding a touch of sweetness to the beverage.

To keep the calorie content lower, stevia sweetener is used in addition to cane sugar. Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It provides a sweet taste without adding unnecessary calories to the drink.

Truly Mango Lemonade is a delightful and refreshing beverage that combines the flavors of mango and lemon in a carbonated form. The combination of filtered carbonated water, alcohol, natural flavors, citric acid, lemon juice concentrate, sodium citrate, cane sugar, and stevia sweetener creates a well-balanced and flavorful drink that is perfect for those looking for a tasty and refreshing beverage option.

What Does Mango Lemonade Taste Like?

When I first took a sip of this mango lemonade, I was expecting a burst of mango flavor with a refreshing tang of lemon. However, I was quite disappointed with what I tasted. The drink had a very tart and acidic flavor, almost like water that had been infused with a hint of lemon. It lacked the sweetness that I associate with mango juice, which was quite surprising considering it was labeled as mango lemonade.

The taste of this drink reminded me more of tart water rather than a flavorful juice. It had a very diluted flavor, with a faint hint of mango and lemon. The sweetness that I usually enjoy in mango juice was completely absent. Instead, the drink had a slightly sour taste, which made it quite difficult to enjoy.

What struck me as odd was the discrepancy between the scent and taste of the drink. When I first opened the bottle, I could detect a light aroma of mangoes and lemons, which led me to believe that the taste would be similar. However, the actual flavor did not live up to the promise of the scent. It was disappointing to say the least.

Considering that this drink is marketed as an organic beverage, I expected a more natural and fresh taste. Unfortunately, it fell short in that aspect. The lack of sweetness and the overwhelming tartness made it difficult to appreciate the supposed mango and lemon flavors.

This mango lemonade tasted more like tart, lemon-flavored water with a hint of sweetness. It lacked the fresh taste of mango juice that I was expecting. The discrepancy between the scent and taste was quite disappointing, and overall, I would not recommend this drink to someone looking for a true mango lemonade experience.


Truly Hard Seltzer's Mango Lemonade flavor can be described as a refreshing and light beverage that combines the tropical flavors of mango and the tanginess of lemonade. With only 100 calories per 12oz can, it offers a guilt-free option for those looking for a low-calorie alcoholic drink. The alcohol content is 5.3% alc./vol., providing a mild buzz for those who enjoy a little kick in their beverages. While the can claims to contain natural flavors, the taste of fresh mango juice is unfortunately absent, leaving only a faint scent of mangoes and lemons. The overall taste can be best described as tart, lemon-flavored water with a hint of sweetness. It is important to note that this beverage contains 1 gram of sugar and 2-3 grams of carbohydrates, making it a suitable choice for those watching their sugar intake. if you enjoy light and fruity drinks with a subtle alcoholic twist, Truly Hard Seltzer's Mango Lemonade is worth a try.

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