The Magic of BloodRoot Winery

At BloodRoot winery, we strive to produce the highest quality wines that are accessible to all. We are a family-run winery in Sonoma County, California, and we specialize in crafting masterful, value-minded wines.

Our story begins with Noah and Kelly Dorrance of Reeve Wines. They had an idea to bring together some of the most esteemed winemakers from the area in order to create something truly special. With the help of a secret cadre of Sonoma winemakers, they were able to source grapes from 12 diferent vineyard sites throughout Sonoma County as well as sites in Marin and Mendocino.

The result is a Pinot Noir that truly stands out among its peers. We use traditional winemaking techniques and technology to craft our wines, ensuring that each bottle has a unique character unlike any other. Our wines have bright aromatics, balanced tannins, and smooth finishes that will leave you wanting more.

In addition to our Pinot Noir, we also produce several oher varietals including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and more. We are continually striving to push boundaries and create new blends that will delight even the most discerning palates.

At BloodRoot winery, we believe in pushing boundaries while still creating quality products that everyone can enjoy. Our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from oher wineries in the area and allows us to deliver unforgettable experiences with each bottle we produce.

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Who Is the Owner of BloodRoot Winery?

BloodRoot Winery is ownd by a collective of winemakers, spearheaded by Noah and Kelly Dorrance of Reeve Wines. The collaboration features a number of acclaimed winemakers from around the world who have come together to make remarkable, high-value wines. Noah and Kelly are responsible for sourcing the best vineyards and ensuring that the final product meets their exacting standards. The rest of the team consists of talented winemakers who bring their own expertise and skills to the production process. Together, they strive to create wines that will excite lovers from all over the world.

BloodRoot Pinot Noir: Who is the Maker?

BloodRoot Pinot Noir is crafted by Noah and Kelly Dorrance of Reeve Wines in collaboration with a select group of Sonoma winemakers. This exclusive blend is sourced from twelve different vineyards located in Sonoma County, as well as two additional sites situated in Marin and Mendocino Counties. The winemakers draw upon their extensive experience and expertise when crafting this exquisite wine. Each site contributes unique characteristics to the blend, creating a truly distinctive and complex flavor profile.

The Best Pinot Noir on the Market

The best Pinot Noir on the market is widely considered to be La Crema Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast. This wine offers a complex and balanced flavor profile, with aromas of ripe cherry, violets, and dried herbs. On the palate, it has a silky texture with layers of berry and earthy notes. It finishes with a lingering acidity and subtle tannins that make for an enjoyable drinking experience. Other top-rated Pinot Noirs include Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir, Amici Pinot Noir Russian River Valley, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Whole Cluster Fermented, Flowers Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast, Meiomi Pinot Noir, Flowers Pinot Noir Sea Ridge, and Etude Carneros Pinot Noir. All of these wines offer a unique flavor profile that is sure to pleae any wine connoisseur.

The Best Pinot Noir in Australia

The best Pinot Noir in Australia is a highly subjective matter, as it depends on individual preferences and tastes. However, many experts agree that some of the finest Australian Pinot Noir wines come from the cooler regions of the country, such as Tasmania's Coal River Valley, Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, New South Wales' Orange region, South Australia's Adelaide Hills and Western Australia's Pemberton.

Tasmania's Coal River Valley has produced some outstanding Pinot Noir wines in recent years. The Paringa Estate is known to be a particularly revered producer of this varietal. Their single vineyard wines have powerful aromatics, supple tannins and intense fruit flavours that combine to create an exceptional drinking experience.

Victoria's Mornington Peninsula is home to Bloodwood Winery and ther renowned range of Pinot Noirs. These wines are crafted from grapes grown on their own estate vineyards and carefully aged in French oak prior to bottling. As a result, these wines have an elegance and complexity that can't be matched.

New South Wales' Orange region has long been regarded as one of the best places in Australia for growing Pinot Noir grapes. Ashton Hills Reserve produces stunning wines that are aromatic with notes of redcurrant and earthy spices, balanced by bright acidity and delicate tannins on the finish.

The Adelaide Hills region of South Australia is anothr renowned area for growing premium quality pinot noir grapes. Picardy Wines produce some highly acclaimed examples with excellent structure and complexity that make them perennial favourites amongst connoisseurs.

Western Australia's Pemberton is arguably the most exciting region for producing Australian Pinot Noir at present thanks to its cool climate conditions whih allow winemakers to craft elegant yet powerful styles of this varietal with intense berry fruit characters and subtle oak nuances.

Overall, there is no definitive answer when asking what the best Pinot Noir in Australia is as there are so many excellent producers across a variety of regions creating top-quality examples. However all the mentioned wineries should certanly be considered when looking for an outstanding expression of this iconic varietal from Down Under!

The Best Pinot Noir Brands

The best Pinot Noir brand depends on personal preference, budget, and availability. However, some of the top rated Pinot Noirs include Copain Tous Ensemble Pinot Noir (2017), Fanny Sabre Bourgogne Rouge (2019), The Marigny, St Reginald Parish, Carbonic Pinot Noir (2021), Corazza Pinot Nero (2018), Angeline California Pinot Noir (2021), Belle Glos Clark and Telephone Vineyard Pinot Noir (2019) and Flowers Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir (2020). Each of thee wines is highly rated by critics and offer an excellent combination of flavor, aroma, body, structure and finish. Depending on your preference you may also want to consider brands such as La Crema, Domaine Serene, Beringer Private Reserve or French Rabbit. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which brand is the best for your needs.


BloodRoot Winery is an exciting collaboration between award-winning winemakers that has been spearheaded by Noah and Kelly Dorrance of Reeve Wines. Their Pinot Noir is sourced from 12 different vineyard sites throughout Sonoma County as well as sites in Marin and Mendocino, giving it a unique and distinct flavor. BloodRoot Winery focuses on creating value-minded wines of the highest quality, resulting in a delicious product that wine connoisseurs will be sure to appreciate. With its commitment to excellence, BloodRoot Winery is certainly worth trying out for any fan of great wine.

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