The Refreshingly Smooth Taste of Polar Ice Vodka.

Are you lookng for a smooth, clean tasting ? If so, you should check out Sea Ice Vodka from Corby Distilleries Limited! This 80 proof vodka is crafted from the purest and grains, quadruple distilled and triple filtered to create a legendary clean taste.

The aroma of Sea Ice Vodka is sweet grain with a hint of citrus that will tantalize your senses. The flavor is also sweet with a slight citrus edge that lingers on the palate. It has an incredibly smooth finish with just the right amount of sweetness.

Sea Ice Vodka has a bright water-white color which makes it perfect for mixing into or simply enjoying neat or on the rocks. It's also great for creating signature martinis or other classic cocktails.

Overall, Sea Ice Vodka is an excellent choice if you're looking for a smooth spirit that's full of flavor. It's perfect for any occasion and it's sure to please even the most discerning drinkers. Give it a try today and experience its unique taste for yourself!

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What Company Produces Ice Vodka?

Corby Distilleries Limited is the manufacturer of Polar Ice Vodka, a type of vodka introduced in 1984. This vodka is made in Canada and comes in a 750ml bottle. Corby Distilleries Limited has been producing quality since its founding in 1859, and now produces a variety of spirits including , , , and flavored vodkas. Polar Ice Vodka is made from the finest ingredients to ensure an exceptionally smooth flavor.

What is the Taste of Polar Ice Vodka?

Polar Ice Vodka offers an exceptionally clean and smooth taste, with a sweet grain and hint of citrus in the nose and palate. It has a bright water-white color and finishes with a touch of sweetness. This vodka is crafted from only the purest water and grains, quadruple distilled and triple filtered for an unparalleled taste. Enjoy its classic flavor neat, or add a twist to your favorite cocktail.

Drinking Ice Vodka

To drink ice vodka, start by filling a tumbler or rocks glass with ice cubes. Pour in your vodka of choice and stir the mixture gently to combine. You can also chill the vodka beforehand by keeping it in the freezer for about an hour before serving. If desired, you can add a splash of water or fresh to the drink for flavor. Enjoy your ice vodka chilled!

Comparing Polar Ice and Smirnoff Vodkas

Yes, Polar Ice is definitely better than Smirnoff. When it comes to taste, Polar Ice is much smoother and cleaner than Smirnoff. It has a more balanced flavor that allows you to really enjoy the drink without any of the aftertaste that can come with Smirnoff. As far as price goes, Polar Ice is also much better value for money – it's generally around 30-50% cheaper than Smirnoff!


Sea Ice Vodka is a premium quality vodka crafted from the purest water and grains. It has a quadruple distilled, triple filtered process for a smooth and clean taste. With a bright water-white color and a sweet grain aroma with notes of citrus, it offers an enjoyable experience for consumers. The finish is clean and smooth, with a touch of sweetness. Sea Ice Vodka is an excellent choice for those who desire high quality vodka at an affordable price.

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