A Sip of Sweetness: UV Vodka’s Espresso Martini!

Introducing UV Espresso , the perfect combination of two favorite indulgences. This unique and flavorful vodka is made with a blend of vine-ripened raspberries and espresso flavor for a deliciously smooth yet robust finish. Crafted with 60 proof, this vibrant blue vodka will make any drink a truly special experience.

UV Espresso Vodka was recently rated an “Excellent” 93 by the Ultimate Challenge. This high rating is due to its unique and tasty flavor profile that stands out in any cocktail. The espresso notes provide an unmistakable aroma and taste, while the raspberry brings a touch of sweetness that perfectly balances it out. The result is a smooth, balanced spirit that's perfect for sipping or mixing.

Whether you're loking to make an Espresso Martini or just enjoy a great tasting vodka on its own, UV Espresso Vodka is sure to impress. With its bold flavor and high quality, it's no wonder why this vodka has been given such high praise by experts. So don't wait any longer – grab yourself a bottle of UV Espresso Vodka and experience the unique flavor for yourself!

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What is the Alcohol Content of UV Vodka?

UV Vodka is 60 proof, which corresponds to an content of 30% by volume. This makes it a relatively strong alcoholic , but its vibrant raspberry flavor helps to make it more palatable and enjoyable. It's an ideal base for or can be enjoyed on its own over ice.

The Cost of UV Vodka

UV Vodka is incredibly affordable for its quality. A 750 mL 60 proof bottle of UV Blue typically runs around $10.00, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a high caliber spirit without breaking the bank. It's also gluten-free and has a smooth flavor that makes it perfect for mixing with other drinks or enjoying on its own. So if you're looking for a high quality vodka at an economical price, UV Vodka is definitely worth considering!

Does Espresso Vodka Contain Coffee?

Yes, espresso vodka does contain coffee! Smirnoff Espresso is made with real espresso beans that are roasted and then steeped in the vodka. The result is a robust and intense flavor that blends the sweetness of the vodka with the strong, notes of coffee. Although there is no actual coffee in the bottle, you can expect to taste hints of espresso when you sip this spirit.


UV Vodka's Espresso flavored vodka is a versatile and flavorful spirit that is sure to add a unique twist to any cocktail. With its robust and slightly sweet taste, this 60 proof vodka is perfect for creating an Espresso Martini or for simply enjoying it on its own. Rated an excellent 93 out of 100 by the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, UV Vodka's Espresso flavored vodka is sure to impress even the most discerning palates. So whether you're looking for a unique flavor profile or just something smooth and flavorful, UV Vodka's Espresso flavored vodka is an ideal choice.

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