The Delicious World of Philippine Beer Brands

The Philippines is home to a wide array of brands, from world-class pale pilsen to craft beers made by small local brewers. Whether you're looking for the perfect beer for a special occasion or just simply want to try something new, you can be sure to find something that suits your taste in the Philippines.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen is the most popular beer brand in the Philippines, and it has been brewed since 1890. It has a light golden color with a slightly sweet flavor and mild hoppy aroma. San Miguel Pale Pilsen has also received the Gold Quality Award from Monde Selection (Brussels, Belgium).

There are also seveal smaller craft breweries in the Philippines that are producing unique and interesting beers. Engkanto Brewery produces craft beers with unique flavors such as mango blonde , coconut brown ale, and chocolate porter. Crows Craft Ales produces pale ales and stouts with flavors like passionfruit, raspberry and . Crazy Carabao creates ales that showcase local ingredients such as calamansi wheat ale and ginger orange . Monkey Eagle also produces flavorful IPAs with local fruits like tamarind and mangosteen.

If you're looking for something more traditional then Nipa Brew is the perfect choice for you. They specialize in creating traditional Filipino beers using locally sourced ingredients such as tuba (palm ) or coconut nectar. Baguio Craft Brewery is another brewery that produces classic Filipino lagers such as Baguio Light and Baguio Dark Lager.

Finally, Turning Wheels specializes in producing quality sours with unusual flavors like guava sour or pineapple sour ale. And The Perfect Pint offers an extensive selection of premium international beers including Guinness Draught, Heineken 0.0%, Corona Extra and Stella Artois Cidre Apple Redberry Fruits Edition among others.

Whether you prefer light lagers or dark ales, there's definitely something out there for everyone when it comes to Philippine beer brands! So if you're looking to try some new brews on your next night out or just want to enjoy an ice cold beer while relaxing at home – make sure to check out what the Philippines has to offer!

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Popularity of Beer in the Philippines

The most popular beer in the Philippines is Red Horse Extra Strong, a premium pale lager. It is brewed by San Miguel Brewery and is widely available throughout the country. Red Horse has an content of 6.9% ABV and features a strong, full-bodied flavor that has made it a favorite among Filipino beer drinkers. It pairs well with Filipino cuisine like pork barbecue and grilled seafood dishes, making it a great accompaniment to many meals. Red Horse is also known for its affordable price, making it accessible to a wide range of beer drinkers.

The Quality of Beer in the Philippines

Yes, Philippine beer is very good! The San Miguel brand in particular has won international awards for its quality. All nine beers produced by San Miguel Philippines have received the gold quality award from Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium. Pale Pilsen even went above and beyond to receive the highest Grand Gold Quality Award, one of few beers worldwide to do so. This accolade is testament to the superior quality of San Miguel's beers. Enjoy a cold one today and taste the difference!

Is San Miguel Beer a Filipino Beer?

Yes, San Miguel is a Filipino beer. It is the largest producer of beer in the Philippines, and has been its flagship San Miguel Beer since 1890. The brewery is located in the heart of Manila, and it produces nine out of ten beers that are preferred by Filipinos. Each bottle of San Miguel Beer is brewed with natural ingredients, giving it its unique flavor and aroma that is distinctively Filipino. San Miguel Beer has become an iconic brand among Filipinos, a symbol of Filipino pride and joy.

The Cost of Beer in the Philippines

Yes, beer in the Philippines is incredibly cheap. In fact, it is one of the cheapest beers in Asia. A can of beer from the country's most popular brewery, San Miguel Brewery, can cost as little as 40 Philippine Pesos (around $0.80 USD). This is a fraction of what you would pay for an imported beer or even other domestic beers. San Miguel Brewery has such a large market share (90%) that they are able to keep prices low and offer discounts on bulk purchases. This makes it very accessible to people of all incomes and means that you can enjoy a cold beer withut breaking your budget.


In conclusion, the Philippines is home to a vast array of beer brands, from world-renowned San Miguel Pale Pilsen and its other award-winning variations, to craft beers like Engkanto, Crows Craft Ales, Crazy Carabao and Monkey Eagle. These beers offer a unique flavor profile for drinkers looking for something special, and with the range of award-winning beers available, there's certainly something for everyone in the Philippines beer market.

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