The Ultimate Guide to Quad IPAs

The Quad , or “Quadruple IPA”, is an incredibly strong and bold that stands out in any lineup. With its intense flavor, higher content, and complex aromas, it's no wonder why this style of beer has become increasingly popular among drinkers.

At 7.2-11.2% ABV, the Quad IPA is one of the most alcoholic beers you can find and its high alcohol presence is quite noticeable to the taste. The flavor profile of a Quad IPA is dominated by notes of caramel, sugar, and sweet malts with complex fruity aromas. Breweries have taken this style even further by creating Triple and Quintuple IPAs which are even stronger than their predecessors.

The process for a Quad IPA tends to be more difficult than other styles due to the extreme amount of used in its recipe. As such, thee beers are often brewed as special anniversary batches or released once a year due to the cost and volume involved in their production.

If you're looking for a unique beer experience that packs a punch then look no further than the Quad IPA! Its intense flavor profile and high alcohol content make it an ideal choice for those seeking something truly special in their glass.

The Definition of a Quadruple Ale

A quadruple is a style of beer that originated in the Trappist monasteries of Belgium. It is a complex, full-bodied beer that is known for its intense caramel, sugar and sweet flavors. A Quadrupel ale typically has an ABV (alcohol by volume) between 7.2-11.2%, making it one of the strongest beers available. Its robust flavor and high alcohol content make it a favorite among beer enthusiasts. The aroma of this style can range from fruity to spicy or earthy, depending on the type of malt and hops used in its brewing process. Its distinctive flavor comes from the long maturation period required for its production, wich gives it its dark color and smooth taste. With its high alcohol content and bold flavor, a Quadrupel ale is best enjoyed slowly and savored with friends.

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What Characteristics Define a Quad IPA?

A Quad IPA is an even more intense version of a Double or Imperial IPA. It is usually brewed with an even higher degree of malts and hops, resulting in an even higher alcohol content. The malt and hops used in a Quad IPA give it a unique flavor profile that can be desribed as intensely hoppy and malty, with a strong aroma of citrusy fruits and piney resins. As well, the bitterness level of a Quad IPA is typically higher than its Double or Imperial counterparts. In general, Quad IPAs are highly sought after due to their intense flavor and high alcohol content.

The Possibility of a Quintuple IPA

There is a quintuple IPA! It's called “Quintuple Bone Tree,” and it's a 13.5% ABV beer brewed with oats and an incredible amount of Citra hops, including Citra Cryo, Citra Incognito, and Citra Spectrum. This is probably the most hop-rich beer you'll find anywhere; it contains more hops by both cost and volume than any other beer we've ever made. The result is a delicious, complex beer with intense citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Enjoy!


Quad IPA's are a unique and special style of beer that offer the perfect balance of sweetness, complexity, and high alcohol content. As their name suggests, Quad IPA's are a step up from Double IPA's in terms of both malt and hop profile as well as overall strength. Many breweries have takn this style to the extreme, creating Triple and even Quintuple IPA's with an even higher alcohol content. Despite being difficult to brew, it is clear to see why this style is worth the effort; it provides an intense yet enjoyable drinking experience that is sure to please any craft beer aficionado.

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