The Dynamic Flavors of SafLager S-23 Yeast

SafLager™ S-23 is a bottom-fermenting brewer's yeast that is widely used for producing continental-style lagers. This yeast strain is known for its ability to produce fruity and estery notes in lagers, which gives the a good length on the palate.

Originating from Berlin in Germany, SafLager S-23 yeast is sourced from the VLB Institute in Germany. This strain is ideal for fermentation at low temperatures, between 53-59°F. This temperature range allows the yeast to develop the best of its notes, resulting in a crisp, clean and refreshing beer.

SafLager S-23 yeast has excellent attenuation and good flocculation properties, which makes it a reliable yeast strain for producing high-quality lagers. It is important to note that the yeast can handle pressure up to 30 psi, making it suitable for pressure fermentation.

When using SafLager S-23 yeast, it is recommended to pitch the yeast at a rate of 1.5-2 million cells per milliliter of wort per degree Plato. The yeast should be rehydrated according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure optimal performance.

One of the benefits of using SafLager S-23 yeast is that it produces a consistent and reliable flavor profile in lagers. This makes it a popular choice for commercial breweries and homebrewers alike. Additionally, this yeast strain has a long shelf life, making it a convenient option for those who may not brew lagers frequently.

SafLager S-23 yeast is a high-quality yeast strain that is perfect for producing continental-style lagers with fruity and estery notes. Its ability to ferment at low temperatures, excellent attenuation, and good flocculation properties make it a reliable choice for producing high-quality beer. Whether you're a commercial brewer or a homebrewer, SafLager S-23 yeast is a great option to consider for your next lager brew.

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Where Does S23 Yeast Come From?

SafLager S-23 bottom fermenting brewer's yeast has its origins in Berlin, Germany. This yeast strain is specifically recommended for the production of lagers that have fruitier and more estery notes. When used in , S-23 can help create beers with a longer palate length. So, to sum up, S-23 yeast comes from Berlin, Germany.

What Flavor Is S-23 Yeast?

S-23 yeast is knon for producing continental lagers with a fruity and estery flavor profile. This strain of yeast is sourced from the VLB Institute in Germany and has been noted for its ability to produce beer with a crisp, clean taste and a subtle, yet distinctive fruitiness. The fruity notes produced by S-23 are often described as being reminiscent of apples, pears, or even apricots. However, it is important to note that the specific flavor profile of beer brewed with S-23 yeast can vary depending on a variety of factors including the recipe, fermentation conditions, and other brewing techniques.

What Temperature Does S23 Yeast Ferment At?

S-23 yeast is a dried lager yeast that is ideal for fermenting at low temperatures. Specifically, S-23 yeast develops its best lager notes when fermented at a temperature range of 50-57° F (or 10-14° C). This yeast strain exhibits good flocculation, which is the tendency of yeast cells to clump together and settle out of the beer after fermentation is complete. Additionally, S-23 yeast has excellent attenuation, which refers to its ability to convert sugars into and carbon dioxide during fermentation. the ideal fermentation temperature range for S-23 yeast is 53-59°F (or 12-15°C).

What Pressure Is S23 Yeast?

S23 yeast is capable of handling up to 30 psi without any issues. However, it is recommended to slowly reduce the pressure if you plan on re-pitching part of the yeast again.


SafLager S-23 is an excellent choice for brewers who want to produce fruity and estery lagers with a good length on the palate. It originates from Berlin in Germany and is noted for producing continental lagers with a distinct flavor profile. This genuine German style dried lager yeast is best suited for low-temperature fermentation, between 53-59F, where it develops its lager notes to perfection. With good flocculation and excellent attenuation, S-23 is a reliable and versatile yeast strain that can handle up to 30 psi wihout any problems. S-23 is a top-quality yeast strain that can help brewers produce outstanding lagers that are sure to impress any beer enthusiast.

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