Taste the Magic of Spiced Bayou Rum!

Bayou is an exciting spiced rum from Lacassine, Louisiana. It's crafted from locally grown sugarcane and molasses, distilled in copper pots and bottled by hand. The signature ‘sugarhouse' recipe creates an incredibly complex flavor profile with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, sweet praline, creme brule, and a light floral twist.

The spiced version is rested up to 30 days with a blend of creole baking spices before being bottled at 80 proof. The balance between the natural sweetness of the Louisiana sugar cane and the subtle spice notes creates a flavor that will tantalize your taste buds.

Bayou Rum is perfect for use in a variety of or simply on its own over ice. Try it in a classic daiquiri or for a unique twist on these traditional favorites. You can also create some delicious tiki style drinks such as the Bayou or Hurricane.

When you sip Bayou Rum you'll taste the rich history of Louisiana in evey bottle – it's truly one of a kind! So why not give this amazing spirit a try? Pick up a bottle and let us know what you think!

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What Is the Taste of Bayou Spiced Rum?

Bayou spiced rum is a unique blend of flavors that offers somehing for everyone. It has a rich, sweet vanilla flavor with hints of cinnamon and praline that is balanced by a light floral background. In addition, there are also subtle notes of creme brulee and other spices such as nutmeg and cloves, which give this rum its distinctive taste. The overall effect is one of complexity and balance, allowing you to enjoy all the flavors at once without any of them dominating. It's perfect for sipping on its own or adding to cocktails for an extra layer of flavor.

The Origin of Bayou Spiced Rum

Bayou Spiced Rum is crafted in Lacassine, Louisiana, USA. The rum is made from a blend of 100% natural, unrefined Louisiana sugarcane and molasses that is distilled in copper pots. Each batch of Bayou Spiced Rum is then bottled by hand to ensure the highest quality product. This small-batch artisanal rum has a unique flavor that comes from the unique combination of ingredients and methods used to make it.

What Ingredients Are Used to Make Bayou Rum?

Bayou® Rum is a premium craft spirit made from locally grown fresh Louisiana sugarcane. It is produced usig a unique signature recipe that combines the best of local Louisiana sugar cane and molasses. The molasses used in our rum is produced by the oldest family-owned and operated sugar mill in the United States. We use traditional methods to handcraft our rum, such as open-air fermentation, double distillation and aging in charred oak for an optimal flavor profile. Our process also carefully filters out impurities and oils to ensure a smooth, mellow finish. This attention to detail results in an award winning spirit that is perfect for any occasion.

Evidence of the Authenticity of Bayou Rum

Bayou Rum is available in two varieties, both of which are bottled at 80 proof. The first is Bayou Silver Rum, a pot-distilled, unrefined Louisiana cane sugar- and molasses-based rum that's diluted with triple-filtered and bottled without aging. The second is Bayou Spiced Rum, a version of their base rum that's rested for up to 30 days with a blend of creole baking spices before bottling at 80 proof.


Bayou Rum is a premium craft-distilled spiced rum that is sure to please any palate. It is made with 100% natural, unrefined Louisiana sugarcane and molasses, and crafted with a unique blend of local spices and flavors. Lacassine Bayou Rum is distilled in copper pots and bottled by hand, giving it an unparalleled flavor profile that combines vanilla, cinnamon, sweet praline, creme brulee, and a light floral twist. With 80 proof versions of both Silver Rum and Spiced Rum available, this premium spirit offers smething for everyone. Whether you're looking for an authentic taste of the South or just want to enjoy an exceptional drink, Bayou Rum is sure to hit the spot.

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