The Sweet & Bitter Taste of Stambecco

Stambecco Amaro is a unique Italian aperitif that is produced in the alpine regions of Northern Italy. It is made from a secret recipe that includes a blend of herbs, spices and wild mountain berries, making it distinctively flavorful and unique. This amaro has been produced in Italy since the 1800s and is still enjoyed today by locals and visitors alike.

At 35% proof, Stambecco Amaro is an excellent after-dinner drink that can be sipped on its own or mixed with tonic , lemonade or cola to make a refreshingly light long drink. The bittersweet flavor profile of Stambecco blends undulating waves of sweet cherry, marzipan and rooty bitterness to create a truly unique flavor experience.

The word “Stambecco” comes from Italian for “ibex” – the long-horned mountain goat which roams the Italian Alps near the distillery where this amaro is produced. To emphasize its provenance, you will find the word “monte” (mountain) included on each bottle of Stambecco Amaro.

If you are lookig for an interesting new way to enjoy an after-dinner sip, then give Stambecco Amaro a try! Pour some into a long stem glass with ice and top off with dry and water for an unforgettable cocktail experience. And don't forget to garnish with a lime wheel for an extra special touch!

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The Meaning of Stambecco

Stambecco is an Italian word that refers to the ibex, a species of long-horned mountain goat native to the Italian Alps. These majestic creatures are typically found in rocky, alpine terrain, and can be seen near the mountainside distilleries of the region. The label of this special product pays homage to their origins by including the word “monte”, or mountain. The ibex is kown for its agility and sure-footedness, making it a perfect symbol for this carefully crafted spirit. Its distinct horns make it an easily recognizable symbol of strength and resilience, which is why it has been chosen as a representation of this special product from Italy.

What is Stambecco Amaro?

Stambecco Amaro is a classic Italian made from a blend of 30 botanicals including maraschino cherries, sweet and oranges, spices, herbs and wormwood. It is deep mahogany in color and has an intense flavor with sweet and bitter notes. The amaro is traditionally served neat or over ice as an after-dinner drink. It can also be used to create a variety of due to its complex flavor profile.


To conclude, Stambecco Amaro is a unique Italian liqueur that makes a great addition to any bar. With its bittersweet flavor profile and 35% proof, it's the perfect après-ski drink, whether served on the rocks or mixed with other ingredients such as soda water and sparkling wine. The word “monte” on the label emphasizes its provenance from the mountains of Italy. So, if you are looking for an interesting Italian spirit to add to your drinks selection, look no further than Stambecco Amaro.

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