Savor the Sweetness of Uinta’s Golden Spike Hefeweizen

When it comes to craft , there is a wide variety of styles and flavors to choose from. One style that stands out for its unique characteristics is the Golden Spike beer. Brewed by Uinta , this beer combines the best of German-style hefeweizens and golden ales to create a truly refreshing and flavorful experience.

The term “Golden Spike” refers to the final spike driven to connect the First Transcontinental Railroad in the United States. In the same spirit of unity and connection, this beer brings together the best elements of two different beer styles to create something truly special.

The base of Golden Spike beer is a German-style hefeweizen, which translates to “ wheat” in English. This style is known for its unfiltered nature, with yeast still present in the beer. The use of up to 50-60% wheat in the mash gives hefeweizens a unique bitterness and a thick, white foam head.

In terms of appearance, Golden Spike beer is usually straw to amber in color. This range of colors adds to the visual appeal of the beer and sets it apart from other styles. The use of at least 50% malted wheat in the brewing process contributes to the overall flavor and mouthfeel of the beer.

The aroma and flavor of Golden Spike beer are heavily influenced by the yeast used in the brewing process. The yeast imparts fruity notes, most notably banana, and phenolic flavors, such as clove. This combination of fruity and spicy flavors gives the beer a distinctive and enjoyable taste.

To further enhance the flavor profile, Golden Spike beer incorporates elements of golden ales. Golden ales are known for their moderate bitterness and maltiness. They are light in color, crisp, and dry, making them a perfect pairing for lighter foods. The in golden ales adds grainy or bread flavors and a touch of sweetness, while the yeast contributes a fruity character and slight hop bitterness.

Golden Spike beer is a testament to the art of craft brewing. It takes the best elements of German-style hefeweizens and golden ales and combines them to create a truly unique and refreshing beer. Whether you're a fan of fruity and phenolic flavors or prefer a more malt-forward profile, this beer has something to offer.

So, the next time you're looking for a beer that combines tradition and flavor, give Golden Spike beer a try. Its blend of German-style hefeweizen and golden characteristics is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Cheers to the art of craft brewing and the unity it brings!

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What Kind Of Beer Is Hefeweizen?

Hefeweizen is a type of beer that can be described as an unfiltered wheat beer with yeast. It is characterized by its high wheat content, which typically makes up around 50-60% of the mash. This wheat component contributes to the beer's unique characteristics, including added bitterness and a distinct head of thick, white foam. Hefeweizen is known for its cloudy appearance due to the presence of yeast in the beer, which is not filtered out during the brewing process. This style of beer is popular for its refreshing and crisp taste, often with notes of banana and clove.

What Does Golden Ale Taste Like?

Golden ale is a type of beer that offers a delightful combination of flavors. It has a moderate level of bitterness, which adds a pleasant tang to the overall taste. At the same time, it also has a noticeable maltiness that brings a rich and slightly sweet character to the beer.

The light color of golden ale is indicative of its crisp and refreshing nature. It tends to have a clear appearance, which makes it visually appealing. The beer is known for its dry finish, which means that it doesn't leave a lingering sweetness on the palate. This dryness makes it a great choice for those who prefer beers that are not overly heavy or cloying.

The malt used in golden ales contributes to its flavor profile by providing a grainy or bread-like taste. This adds depth and complexity to the beer, giving it a more rounded and satisfying flavor. Additionally, the malt also imparts a subtle sweetness, which balances out the bitterness and makes the beer more enjoyable.

Golden ales also have a fruity character, thanks to the yeast used in the brewing process. This fruity essence can vary depending on the specific strain of yeast used, but it often adds a pleasant and aromatic quality to the beer. It complements the maltiness and hop bitterness, creating a well-rounded taste experience.

Speaking of , golden ales typically have a slight hop bitterness that balances the sweetness of the malt. This bitterness adds a refreshing bite to the beer and helps to counteract any potential heaviness. However, it's important to note that the hop bitterness in golden ales is usually milder compared to other beer styles, allowing the malt and other flavors to shine through.

Golden ales offer a delightful combination of moderate bitterness, maltiness, and fruity character. They have a light and crisp nature, with a dry finish that makes them refreshing to drink. The malt provides a grainy and sweet taste, while the yeast adds a fruity essence. All these flavors come together harmoniously, making golden ales a tasty and enjoyable beer style.


Uinta Brewing's Golden Spike is a refreshing and flavorful hefeweizen beer that showcases the best of German brewing traditions. With its straw to amber color and unfiltered nature, this beer is visually appealing and promises a rich and satisfying drinking experience.

The use of at least 50 percent malted wheat in the brewing process gives Golden Spike its characteristic bitterness and a thick, creamy head of foam. This wheat content also contributes to the beer's unique flavor profile, which is dominated by fruity (banana) and phenolic (clove) notes.

Golden Spike is not only a delicious beer, but it also pairs well with a variety of foods. Its moderate bitterness and maltiness complement lighter dishes, while its crisp and dry nature makes it a versatile choice for any occasion. The grainy and bread-like flavors from the malt, combined with the fruity character from the yeast and subtle hop bitterness, create a well-rounded and enjoyable drinking experience.

Golden Spike is a fantastic choice for beer enthusiasts looking to explore the world of hefeweizen. With its traditional German brewing techniques and quality ingredients, it exemplifies the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Uinta Brewing is known for. So, grab a bottle or pint of Golden Spike and savor the flavors of this golden ale. Cheers!

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