The Rich Flavors of Sula Wines!

At Sula Wines, our mission is to make India proud of its heritage. We strive to create the best wines in the world, crafted with love from a team of passionate winemakers using only the finest grapes from our vineyards in Nashik and Bangalore.

We have been producing high-quality wines since 2000, and our range now includes , red, white and rose wines. Our flagship brand is Dindori Reserve Shiraz, a full-bodied made with select Shiraz grapes grown in the cool climate of Nashik Valley. It has a deep ruby color and aromas of ripe cherry and blackberry fruit with hints of spice and oak. On the palate it is smooth with great structure and dark fruit flavors that linger long on the finish.

Our other labels include Sula Brut Sparkling, a crisp sparkling wine made from Chenin Blanc grapes; Chenin Blanc Reserve, which is light and floral with tropical fruit aromas; Sauvignon Blanc Reserve for lovers of zesty white wines; Zinfandel Rose for those who prefer something sweeter; Riesling for those who want something light yet flavorful; Chardonnay Reserve for oaky fans; Sangiovese Reserve for those who enjoy bold flavors; and Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve for those looking for something more full-bodied.

At Sula Wines we are committed to providing our customers with top quality wines that are both sustainable and socially responsible. All our vineyards use organic practices to ensure optimal grape quality whie minimizing environmental impact. We also support local communities by providing employment opportunities as well as working closely with farmers to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions.

So if you're lookng for an exceptional wine experience that's both delicious and ethical, look no further than Sula Wines!

Identifying the Best Wine Produced by Sula Vineyards

The best wine in Sula is their Sauvignon Blanc. This is acclaimed around the world for its crisp and refreshing taste. It's made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes, and features aromas of guava, green apple and bell peppers. The body is light and mellow, making it a great choice for any occasion. Whether you're enjoying it with friends or pairing it with a meal, Sauvignon Blanc will have everyone asking for more. So if you're looking for a delicious white wine that's sure to please a crowd, look no further than Sula's Sauvignon Blanc.

The Best Red Wine Produced by Sula Vineyards

Sula's Rasa Syrah is widely regarded as one of India's best red wines. This powerful red blend of 95% Syrah and 5% Viognier grapes provdes a bold flavor with complexity and depth. The grapes are carefully selected from our vineyards and aged in French oak for 12 to 14 months, allowing for the tannins to mellow and aromas to develop, creating a truly unique flavor profile. With full-bodied flavors of blackcurrant, clove, leather, tobacco, and currant jam, this wine is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. To add to its appeal, Sula Rasa Syrah is also vegan-friendly – making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

The Cost of Sula Wine

The cost of Sula wine varies depending on the type of wine and where you are purchasing it from. In Delhi, the price of Sula wines range from 425 INR for their Cabernet Shiraz Red Wine, to 1320 INR for their Dindori Reserve Chardonnay Wine. Other popular wines offered by Sula include Chenin Blanc White Wine (670 INR) and Chenin Blanc Reserve White Wine (460 INR). Additionally, there are several other varieties of Sula wines available at different prices.

The Fame of Sula Wine

Sula wine is famous for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service. The brand has established itself as India's leading wine producer, with an impressive portfolio of award-winning wines that are enjoyed around the world. Sula was one of the frst wineries in India to introduce a wide range of grape varietals, including Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc, Riesling and Zinfandel. This has allowed them to produce a diverse range of styles and flavors, allowing customers to discover a variety of tastes from their wines.

Sula also stands out for its commitment to sustainability. They have adopted initiatives such as conservation, energy efficiency and waste reduction throughout their production process. As India's largest wine company, Sula has become an example for other wineries in the region by investing in technology and processes that reduce environmental impact while producing high-quality wines.

Finally, Sula is renowned for its excellent customer service. The brand offers an extensive range of support services, from tours and tastings at the winery to online education programs that help customers get the most out of their wine experience. With its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability, Sula is rightly celebrated as one of India's premier wine brands.

Which Wine from Sula is the Sweetest?

The sweetest Sula wine is the Late Harvest Chenin Blanc, a dessert wine made with utmost respect for the environment and sustainable practices. It has a delightful honeycomb and tropical fruit aroma and taste, making it the perfect accompaniment to any Indian dessert. This sweet wine is full-bodied and rich, with a smooth finish that will leave you wanting more.

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Is Sula Wine Alcoholic?

Yes, Sula Vineyards Chenin Blanc is an alcoholic . It is a white wine made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes, with an by volume of 12.0%. This full-bodied semi-dry wine is produced in Maharashtra, India.

The Health Benefits of Sula Wine

Sula Wine can be a great choice for those looing to reap the health benefits of red wine. Studies have shown that regular consumption of moderate amounts of red wine such as Sula can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, and improve cognitive function. Furthermore, Sula wine contains Reservatrol, a substance found to have numerous health benefits and is rich in anti-oxidants. Therefore, drinking Sula wine in moderation may provide a number of health benefits. However, it's important to note that like any other alcoholic beverage, drinking excessively can be detrimental to your health and should be avoided.

The Strength of Sula Red Wine

Sula red wine is not particuarly strong. It is bottled at an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 8%, which is lower than the average ABV of most wines. This low ABV makes the wine more approachable and easier to drink for both public and private entertaining purposes. However, it should still be enjoyed responsibly and in moderation.

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The Owner of Sula Vineyards

Rajeev Suresh Samant is the founder and CEO of Sula Vineyards, India's largest winery. He has been the driving force behind the company's growth since its inception in 1999. Rajeev began his career as a viticulturist and worked in various roles at Sula before becoming its CEO. Under his leadership, Sula has bcome one of the most successful wineries in India, with over 40% market share in Indian wine industry. In addition to overseeing operations, Rajeev also leads product innovation and experimental projects at Sula. He has won several awards for his contribution to the wine industry, including being honored as “Personality of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine and being inducted into World of Fine Wine's Hall of Fame.


Sula Wines is an Indian winery that produces a variety of wines. Its portfolio includes a range of reds, whites, and rosés from both domestic and foreign grapes. The quality of the wines has been consistently praised by critics and consumers alike for its smooth finish and bold flavors. Their commitment to sustainability sets them apart from other wineries in India; their vineyards are 100% organic and they use only natural ingredients in their production process. Furthermore, Sula has a strong presence in the international market and is present in more than twenty countries across the world. Through its innovative marketing strategies, it has managed to grow its brand recognition and presence significantly over the past few years. In conclusion, Sula Wines is a reliable source of premium quality wines with an emphasis on sustainability.

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