The Rise of India’s Wine Capital: Sula Vineyards

When it comes to Indian wines, Sula Vineyards is one of the most well-known names. Founded in 1999, it was the first winery in Nashik and has since become a symbol of quality Indian wines. The name “Sula” was taken from its founder's mother, Sulabha, and stands for the rich heritage of their wines.

Sula Vineyards specializes in a range of grape varieties including Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel, and Riesling. Their flagship product is the Sula Sauvignon Blanc which has won numerous awards for its crisp and fresh taste. It is made with 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes and offers a delicious mix of guava, green apple and bell pepper flavours. This low-bodied pairs perfectly with light dishes such as salads or seafood.

The Sula Rasa Syrah is another popular that is made with a signature blend of 95% Syrah and 5% Viognier grapes. These grapes are carefully selected from their vineyards before being matured in French oak for 12 to 14 months to achieve its unique flavour profile. As a result, this full-bodied red has notes of dark fruits such as blackberry and plum along with hints of chocolate and spice on the finish. It goes best with richer dishes such as pasta or steak.

Overall, Sula Vineyards has established itelf as one of India's leading producers of quality wines thanks to its dedication to producing top-notch products over the years. Whether you're looking for a light white or full-bodied red wine to pair with your meals, Sula has something for everyone!

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The Quality of Sula Wine

Yes, Sula Sauvignon Blanc is a good wine! It is widely praised for its crisp and refreshing taste. This wine is made with 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes, which provide it with tropical flavours such as guava, green apple and bell peppers. Not only does it have a pleasant aroma, but it also has a low body which makes it easy to drink. All in all, Sula Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent choice for those looking for a light and refreshing .

What Type of Wine is Produced by Sula?

Sula is an Indian winery and producer of high-quality red wines. The most famous of their wines is the Rasa Syrah, a signature blend of 95% Syrah and 5% Viognier grapes. This complex and full-bodied red wine is aged in French oak barrels for 12 to 14 months, resulting in a rich and intense flavor profile. With its dark ruby color, vibrant aromas of dark fruit, and spicy finish, Sula's Rasa Syrah is sure to please even the most discerning wine connoisseur.

The Fame of Sula Wine

Sula Vineyards is famous for its role in making Nashik the ‘Wine Capital of India' and for its pioneering efforts in introducing classic grape varieties to the Indian wine market. Sula has established itself as a leader in Indian winemaking by consistently producing high-quality wines that are both flavorfully rich and approachable. They are well known for ther crisp, aromatic whites like Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc, their bold, fruity reds like Zinfandel and Shiraz, and their off-dry Rieslings. In addition to offering a wide selection of wines well suited to the Indian palate, Sula also offers boutique wines such as Late Harvest Chenin Blanc and Orange Muscat. Finally, Sula Vineyards is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, with multiple certifications that guarantee that their vineyards are farmed responsibly and sustainably.

Alcohol Content of Sula Wine

Sula wine has an ABV ( by volume) of 8%, making it a much lower alcohol content than other wines. This makes it popular for both public and private entertaining purposes, as it can be enjoyed without fear of over-consumption. The low alcohol content also gives the a more casual and youthful twist, making it more attractive to younger audiences.

The Sweetness of Sula Wine

Yes, Sula wine is sweet. The most popular Sula wine is Late Harvest Chenin Blanc, which is a dessert wine known for its sweet flavor and fruity notes. It has rich honeycomb and tropical fruit aromas that make it a truly delightful experience. As well as being sweet, this wine is made with the utmost respect for the environment, following sustainable practices that help protect our planet.

The Strength of Sula Wine

Sula Vineyard produces a range of fine wines, all of which boast high alcohol content levels. The Rasa red wine collection, in particular, has an impressive ABV of 14%. This is higher than many other commercially available wines and makes for a robust and flavorful experience. The aged French oak barrels in which these wines are stored also add complexity to the flavor profile. Each of the individual Rasa wines – Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Zinfandel – offer their own unique bouquets and experiences, but all share the common trait of a strong 14% ABV.


In conclusion, Sula Vineyards is a pioneer in the Indian wine industry, having created some of the country's best wines including Sauvignon Blanc, Rasa Syrah, Chenin Blanc and Zinfandel. Their wines are known for their crisp and fresh flavours as well as their rich aromas and tropical notes. They offer a range of options to suit every taste and occasion, making them ideal for any celebration. With more than two decades of experience in the world of winemaking, Sula continues to be a leader in the Indian wine industry.

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