The World of Triple IPAs

If you are a fan of hoppy and flavorful beers, then you must try a Triple (TIPA). This style is gaining popularity, and for good reason. With an by volume (ABV) of over 10%, the TIPA takes the hoppy goodness of a Double IPA (DIPA) to a whole new level.

Although the Triple IPA is not yet a well-defined style, its reputation is growing rapidly. Similar to a DIPA, but even stronger and more intense, TIPAs are known for their boozy nature and super hoppy flavors. These beers are not for the faint of heart!

One characteristic that sets the TIPA apart from other IPAs is its rich and syrupy body. This is achieved by adding more to increase the beer's strength. As a result, TIPAs can be slightly sweeter compared to a standard DIPA. However, unless specified otherwise, TIPAs are often amped up versions of New England IPAs (NEIPAs).

Triple IPAs are hop-focused ales that take intensity and flavor to a whole new level. With an ABV of at least 9.5%, these beers pack a punch. They can have similar hop character to a Double IPA but are differentiated by their thick, syrupy body. The combination of high alcohol content and intense hop flavors makes TIPAs a favorite among hop enthusiasts.

If you're a fan of Pale Ales, you may want to give Extra Pale Ales a try. Extra Pale Ales are similar to Pale Ales but with a twist. They contain a larger amount of pale malt, giving them a paler and brighter appearance. The increased malt content also adds a crisper flavor to the beer.

Extra Pale Ales typically have higher hop bitterness compared to standard Pale Ales. This means that they deliver a more pronounced hop flavor and aroma. If you're looking for a Pale with an extra kick of hoppy goodness, an Extra Pale Ale is the way to go.

Triple IPAs and Extra Pale Ales offer beer enthusiasts an opportunity to explore new flavor profiles and experiences. The TIPA, with its high ABV and intense hop flavors, is perfect for those who crave a bold and flavorful beer. On the other hand, Extra Pale Ales provide a crisper and hoppier twist to the classic Pale Ale. Whichever style you choose, these beers are sure to satisfy hop lovers and adventurous beer drinkers alike. So go ahead, grab a TIPA or Extra Pale Ale, and enjoy the hoppy goodness!

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What Is A Tipa Beer?

A Triple IPA, also known as TIPA, is a type of beer that is hoppier and richer in flavor compared to traditional IPAs. It is characterized by its high alcohol by volume (ABV), typically above 10%. The TIPA is not a well-defined style of beer, but its popularity has been steadily increasing.

Here are some key features of a Triple IPA:

1. Hoppy Flavor: Triple IPAs have a strong hop character, resulting in a pronounced bitterness and a distinct hoppy aroma. This is achieved by using a significant amount of during the process.

2. Rich and Full-bodied: Triple IPAs have a higher malt content compared to regular IPAs, giving them a fuller and more robust body. This results in a beer with a rich, malty sweetness that balances out the hop bitterness.

3. High Alcohol Content: Triple IPAs are known for their high ABV, typically exceeding 10%. The increased alcohol content adds to the overall complexity and intensity of the beer.

4. Intense Aromas: Triple IPAs often exhibit intense aromas of citrus, tropical fruits, pine, and resin. These aromas are a result of the generous use of hops during brewing.

5. Limited Availability: Due to their high alcohol content and intense flavors, Triple IPAs are often brewed in limited quantities and may only be available as seasonal or specialty releases.

It's important to note that the TIPA style is still evolving, and different breweries may have their own interpretations and variations. As a result, the specific characteristics and flavor profile of a Triple IPA may vary from one beer to another.

Triple IPAs are sought after by beer enthusiasts who enjoy bold and hop-forward beers with a higher alcohol content. They offer a more intense and complex drinking experience compared to traditional IPAs.

What Is A Triple IPA?

A triple IPA is a type of beer that falls under the category of hop-focused ales. It is known for its intense flavors and higher alcohol content, typically exceeding 9.5% ABV. Triple IPAs are similar to Double IPAs in terms of their emphasis on hops, but they stand out due to their thick and syrupy body.

Here are some key characteristics of triple IPAs:

1. Hop Intensity: Triple IPAs are heavily focused on showcasing the flavors and aromas of hops. They tend to have a robust hop profile, with a strong bitterness and prominent hop-derived flavors such as citrus, pine, floral, or tropical fruit notes.

2. Alcohol Strength: Unlike regular IPAs, triple IPAs have a higher alcohol content, usually exceeding 9.5% ABV. This elevated alcohol level contributes to the beer's overall body and sweetness, providing a strong and warming sensation.

3. Thick and Syrupy Body: One of the distinguishing features of a triple IPA is its thick and viscous consistency. The beer has a substantial mouthfeel, often described as syrupy, which adds to its overall richness and fullness.

4. Malt Backbone: To balance out the intense hop bitterness and alcohol strength, triple IPAs typically have a substantial malt backbone. The malt provides a solid foundation for the beer, offering sweetness and complexity to complement the hop flavors.

5. Limited Availability: Triple IPAs are often considered specialty or seasonal beers due to their high alcohol content and intense hop character. They may not be as readily available as regular IPAs or other beer styles, making them a sought-after and limited-release option for beer enthusiasts.

A triple IPA is a hop-forward ale with a strong emphasis on hop flavors and aromas. It stands out from other IPAs due to its higher alcohol content, thick and syrupy body, and limited availability. This beer style offers a bold and intense drinking experience for those who enjoy robust hop profiles and stronger brews.


The Triple IPA (TIPA) is a bold and powerful beer that has gained popularity in the world. With an ABV of over 10%, the TIPA takes the intensity and flavor of a Double IPA to the next level. While it shares similarities with the Double IPA in terms of hop character, it stands out with its thick and syrupy body.

The TIPA is a hop-focused ale that offers a rich and robust flavor profile. Its higher alcohol content allows for a more pronounced hop bitterness, making it a favorite among hop enthusiasts. The addition of more malt to achieve its strength can also contribute to a slightly sweeter taste compared to a standard DIPA.

While the TIPA is not yet a well-defined beer style, its popularity continues to rise. Many TIPAs are crafted as amped-up versions of New England IPAs, known for their hazy appearance and juicy hop flavors. This combination of intense hops, higher ABV, and a luscious mouthfeel makes the TIPA a beer that is sure to satisfy those seeking a hoppy and full-bodied experience.

The Triple IPA is a beer style that pushes the boundaries of traditional IPAs. Its bold flavors, higher alcohol content, and rich body make it a beer worth exploring for those who enjoy the hop-forward characteristics of an IPA but crave an even more intense and flavorful experience.

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